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  • LND
    Hello there,

    I wondered if I could get your advice on a planning application at 106 Evershot Road to build a second storey onto the existing building.

    The extension will adversely affect the immediate neighbourhood - loss of light, invasion of privacy, contributing to an already over-crowded development, and unsympathetic to the heritage of the area.

    We have until 23 June to submit our comments to the council, and a group of local residents are getting together to create a suitable response.

    I wondered if you had any advice - the best way to approach this situation and any other tips that might add weight to the argument.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thanks very much,


    June 9
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  • Building the Future Machine Workshops at Furtherfield Commons in Finsbury Park
    Tuesday 18th June, 3-6pm
    Saturday 13th July, 1 - 4pm

    Sign up for the final 2 workshops to build the Future Machine - an artwork that will help us to understand and respond to environmental change as the future comes. The workshops are designed to bring together people with different views on environmental change and the future, (including all ages from 11+) everyone is welcome! The workshops will involve talking, thinking, making things with all kinds of arts and craft materials, as well as using interactive technology and scientific sensors.

    These workshops are part of the Festival of Learning in partnership with Haringey Adult Learning Service and Furtherfield Gallery.

    Book here:
    May 31
  • Stroud green primary school carboot sale started yesterday now every Sunday, yesterday was a good start with 2 stalls thank you to those who supported us. Next week we will have more stalls I’m sure as lots of people are interested. Please feel feel to contact me (Alisha)at or 07476847157
    May 27
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  • you can come meet me in person in front of Hutton Court, Victoria Road on Wednesday between 4-5pm, if you have any questions and to see that i am a real person... you can find me ....

    i am part of Finsbury Park and Stroud Green Neighbourhood Plan

    also known by Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT Stroud Green) Street Watch and NW (most to join NW part of Victoria Road NW)
    April 22
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  • Hello,

    I am Lawrence Singha and i am real as you guys, and not only that i also one running Neighborhood Watch on Victoria Road and connecting road. Also running Street Watch since Jan 2019.

    If you didn't know too i also got pavement renewal program working on our road also report from Street lights, Gas/Water leaks to potholes, cable boxes (cabinet). I have number of contacts from SNT, Police and Haringey.

    Forgot i was a member here (been member since 2007)... when there wasn't much people online and load has change on the site...

    believe me there is no like me who look after roads and filed reported over 300+ (since 2012)

    even EV points are coming too in phase 2 rollout.
    March 30
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