Gillespie Park

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I noticed an gateway just next to the mosque on Seven Sisters Road, which led to Gillespie Park - what a lovely little place. I always wondered what that windmill was for, and now I know.


  • I think that may be the same place I saw but the entrance was across the road from the mosque. Just by the bridge near the buses (29, 279 etc to Camden, Kings X) there is a tiny gate with a sign about a nature reserve. I will have to investigate.
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    When I'm coming back the other way, I'm always faintly worried that the gate at the mosque end might be shut. Otherwise, a lovely walk.
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    They've just redone the (main?) entrance just beside the Emirates stadium (there are other entrances around Arsenal tube). Looks nice, but I haven't managed to check whether the improvement works extend inside as well.
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    I've not noticed many changes in the main body of the park, which is good because they'd probably just have 'tidied the place up' which is always spectacular point-missing when it comes to a nature reserve.
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