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SG Library talk on Monday 1/3: Xanadu by John Man

edited February 2010 in Local discussion
I believe this may be the first thread I've started on here, but seen no mention of this and it looks pretty good:

<a href="">"Author John Man, specialist on Mongolia and the history of communication, will link these two themes in his talk and shed new light on Xanadu, the mythical yet very real capital of the Mongols.

John will focus on his works Xanadu: Marco Polo and Europe's discovery of the East (2009); the story of the alphabet - Apha Beta, and the origins of printing - The Gutenburg revolution (both republished 2009)."</a>

Starts 7, free admission. I'm quite surprised he's not talking in one of the larger Haringey libraries as from what I can make out, he's a fairly big deal. I own several of his books courtesy of an old job which provided plenty of freebies, and this news has finally spurred me to start one, his biography of Kublai Khan. Thus far, it's justifying the praise.


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