Book group Thurs 21st June, 7.30pm: Good Morning, Midnight by Jean Rhys

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The next book group book will be the small but apparently perfectly formed '<a href=",_Midnight">Good Morning, Midnight</a>' by Jean Rhys.<br><br>Copies are available in six Islington libraries. Make sure you get <a href="">this one</a>, not the Dalziel and Pascoe crimmy of the same name.<br><br>We shall meet in the Old Dairy. This book is only 159 pages long!<br>


  • If you like that, you should put The Ice Age by Margaret Drabble on your list. <div><br></div><div>Also, trivia fans, I was put onto it by Douglas Coupland, who said at a talk that it was one of the books that had influenced him the most.</div>
  • everyone ready for this next week? i am not. but i will be! come! new and old alike! i have never read any margaret drabble, but i really really should have. it seems she's quite the book group staple.
  • Hi, I'm not going to make it unfortunately as I've still not yet got the hang of getting my baby to go to sleep in time for me to go out! Hope to make it next time!... Really enjoying the book so far so I'm sorry to miss the discussion.
  • <P>Hi All </P> <P>I'm afraid I can't make it either. My partner is working away this week and I have to look after the boys. Sorry for being so quiet - I've had a very busy month!</P>
  • I will be in the Dairy at 7.30 with my friend who suggested the book anyway, so anyone else is still welcome to come along!<br><br>@Charlo and @Jenny hope to see you soon x<br>
  • Hi Everyone<div><br></div><div>Hope all is good.  I'm just about to come out of my Olympics stupor so please let me know if you're all reading a book at the moment and when the next meet up with be.</div><div><br></div><div>Gina</div>
  • I'm up for meeting up as well. Anyone fancy reading parades end? Or at least the first one?
  • <p>It's difficult to get Parade's End on its own now, mainly available as all four books in one and it's a hefty old tome! The Good Soldier is one of FMF's and it's shorter and good.</p><p> </p>
  • i'd be up for another meeting, a thursday in mid-late october perhaps? 18th?<br><br>i don't mind buying the whole parade's end tetralogy (?) and just doing the first one for book group? apparently the first one is available on its own on kindle.<br>
  • That week is pretty crazy for me, I can do the week before on the Thursday (11th)?
  • I would be able to do the 11th. Shall we go for Parade's End then? Anyone else up for it? I can make a new thread.<br>
  • Brilliant - let's do it
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