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Sustrans volunteers

edited June 2012 in About this site
<P>The transport charity, Sustrans is looking to train up local individuals to become 'Champions' - people who want to encourage others to walk and cycle more for their everyday journeys. You might lead bike rides or walks, offer advice, set up bike clubs, or do anything else that takes your fancy.</P> <P>Champions would attend training modules lasting 2½ - 3 hours. These sessions are run at times to suit all parties, either in Farringdon or Finsbury Park. There is a time commitment - as a champion you are required to organise one activity every month or so.</P> <P>Once trained you'd have the support of Transition Finsbury Park with organising and promoting events. Events could be held at Green Lens Studios on the Ladder, at Islington Ecology Centre  or in Finsbury Park.</P> <P><A href="" target=_blank>Full details at Sustrans</A>.</P> <P></P> <P><SPAN class=font-size-1><EM>(Via Transition Finsbury Park, via Haringay online) </EM></SPAN></P>
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