A new chapter for Sugar Lounge

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As some of us already know, Sugar Lounge has new owners, Murat Poyraz and Cheedam Alev, who are part of the Blue Legume cafés located in Stoke Newington Road, Upper Street and Crouch End. These have all been family-run café/restaurant businesses, and they're keen on improving Sugar Lounge's relationship with its neighbours by holding a meeting for local residents on Thursday 6 September at 7pm where issues can be discussed over coffee and cake. <br><br>Since taking over the Sugar Lounge, they have started promoting daytime business by offering breakfast and lunchtime menus as well as dinner. (That's pretty much all their letter says). <br><br>Let's all wish them lots of luck and happy times!<br>


  • Any chance they could te open Chaper One and tempt Rocky back? It's a scandal that place is still shut. The times that were had there would fill a book - 50 shades of grey or diary of a call girl spring to mind . Please bring back this brilliant venue!!! Chang
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    @Harpistic. Love Blue Legume in SKN and so went to Sugar Lounge this sfternoon to check out reserving for dinner and it was shut!
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    I knew there was a continuation of the Sugar Lounge management.  I think the reduction in noise over this summer has been down to the restriction from the council on their opening hours rather than the new management having a change in mind.  My view is that they would have continued getting away with what they could if they could... Anyone who lives within shouting distance will remember two summers ago (2010)when they had 40 people outside at 3 am during the last heatwave  drinking with glasses on  tables or pavement.  They now want to have a dialogue and play the 'nice game' after years of it being the 'after hours drunk' pub.  Well maybe they are caring now, but I think profit is where it's at.  It is a business.  All I say is go to chat with them if you want but I think the best line of protection is the authorities. That's how I have learnt to deal with them. 
  • Good for you, Kreuzkav. I am entirely on your side. You are a  veritable knight of the cross (is that how your name translates?).
  • You got the cross right from German but the rest of name is made up.  Thanks for all your support.  I meant to say it before.  Despite our earlier falling out over grammar I have come to see you as a man of great virtue and wisdom.  I have been fighting my demons over the last two years (death, heartbreak, employment and noise) but I've come through.  I have solid beliefs in right and wrong and this is as much about it as my own personal problems.  I've negotiated moving on to a quieter flat soon.  I still want the Sugar Lounge and any other bar to respect its neighbours.  Respect is important and something worth fighting for.  
  • Ok Kruz, what about Chapter One? It is a key venue which MUST be restored and always was better than SL in terms of beats, vibes, birds, chips etc. and importantly there was no on street drinking cos the aircon was brilliant. Chang
  • The music was shit near the end.  The women were generic and loud and without any proper style.  Aircon was good but smoking ban existed at the end so lots of people at the back and some on the front street. Overall, a very cheesy place in my view.<div><br></div>
  • @kreuzkav what a charmless description of women that is.
  • Chapter One clearly brought out the feminist in Kreuzkav.<br>
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    The men were even more generic. Chang was banging on about 'birds' but of course that's okay.   You pick on me all the time. My girlfriend at the time felt the same about the women and men (both generic and boring in style).<div><br><div>@Arkady. As always you are not very intelligent. You should try harder to keep the middle class nature of Stroud Green preserved. Good boy!</div></div>
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