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I've recently gone freelance, and much as I'm enjoying working from home, I've just realised it's going to be tricky having things delivered when I'm not at home, which seems to be quite a lot of the time. <br><br>I was wondering if there's anywhere locally where post could be delivered, eg items which are too large to fit through letter boxes, or which need to be signed for, and collected later? My immediate neighbours aren't around during the day, so I can't ask them. <br><br>Thanks!<br>


  • There is a post centre on Holloway Rd - near Upper Holloway Stn, I think they take in parcels. You can do your eBay despatches and suchlike there.
  • I had some DVD's from Amazon delivered at the Esso Garage opposite Holloway Police Station (Amazon let you choose a place to have your stuff delivered to if you're not at home).  All you have to do is give the person there a number/code they send you by email when the order has been delivered and ready for pick up.<div>It wasn't that great to be honest, as you have to contend with the people who have to pay for the petrol and are all  in a there was this lady who was charged for someone else's petrol and the whole thing just got a bit messy...</div>
  • We've had a number of parcels left for us at the Post office on SGR for us to collect.  So far it's always worked very well.<br>
  • Thanks everyone for your advice - I've settled for having things sent to this flat and taking pot luck; the post office said that anything sent through Parcelforce (eg Amazon) gets taken there, while normal Royal Mail gets taken to the sorting office. <br>
  • Amazon use that awful one, Yodel, they're infamous for leaving things like flat screen tellys and suchlike outside in people's gardens. They are shocking! Royal Mail is brilliant though.
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  • Gah - it's a camcorder which I've just ordered (and various bits), and I'm out tomorrow morning and all day Thursday, but I need it by Sunday which didn't leave me many options. And I'm on SGR so anything which is left on or near the doorstep will grow legs pretty quickly and I'll never see it again!<br><br>Jacks is about the only shop I'm friendly with, ahem - though I haven't been there in ages. Sugar Lounge was an alternative, but they don't open till 5pm nowadays. Bah..... <br>
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