• I'm on the other side of SGR and pick stuff up from Cally Rd sorting office sometimes!
  • What a pain in the bum...<br>
  • It's one stop on the overground from Crouch Hill (two from HGL) and a 5 minute walk through Whittington Park, or the Number 4 from Finsbury Park and 2 min from Tufnell Park Road. It's hardly moving to Birmingham.
  • And on foot, about the same 15 minutes from SGR as the current location (although granted you can't pop in to the big Sainsbury's while you're at it).
  • I only just found out where it was last week. Am gutted that all that wandering around has gone to waste! Bah. <br>
  • Reading the article, what's happening to the current facility on Hornsey Road?  Will I still be able to pick post up from there or is everything going to Tufnell Park?<br>
  • Oh, I'd assumed it was the Royal Mail just around the corner from Cally Road tube, which is less convenient (although you can take the Piccadilly line from FP).  <br><br>Station Road is still a bit of a faff, and it's not as convenient in that we go up to Green Lanes anyway and so can easily add a trip to the Sorting Office as part of the journey.  This is in a completely opposite direction.<br>
  • I often walk to Tufnell Park. Takes 20 mins, quicker than public transport. Doesn't the article also say that some operations will move to the Hornsey Rd office? That's 10 minutes walk, much quicker than Arena. To me, none of this is a massive inconvenience (and yes I am out at work all day too), depends which bit of SG you live in and how many parcels you receive I suppose.
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    <div>North Nineteen,</div><div><br></div><div>My understanding is that the Hornsey Road depot will be the designated pick up point for the N8 postcode and that the current office near Hornsey Police Station (currently dealing with N8) will close down.</div><div><br></div><div>N19/N6 clients will have to pick up from the Tufnell Park place.  </div><div><br></div><div>I am in N19 but closer to Hornsey Road than Tufnell Park, so less than thrilled...</div><div><br></div>
  • This is happening all over the country. <br><br>We should be glad we live in London, where population density is doing us a favour and it's only moving a 20 minute walk away. <br><br>Where my parents live in Hertfordshire, the collections point is moving to the other side of the next town - so more than six miles away.<br><br>These closures certainly seem to fly in the face of any ideas to get people to drive less or be greener. <br><br>I keep reading things about plans afoot to mean you can arrange your stuff to be delivered to a local shop, pub etc. if you are out but never see anything concrete. Anyone got any ideas on whether this is possible?<br>
  • I believe Amazon now offer this as an option, but haven't checked where in the area you can nominate.
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    Amazon has all the info on their website. I've used Budgens at Highbury Corner to return thjngs and noticed a place by Upper Holloway overground. There are loads locally, you can choose a different place each time.
  • <span class="Author"><a href="../../profile/2640/TheMimsy">TheMimsy</a>, I hope that's not the case. I'm in N19 and am a 1-2 minute walk from the Hornsey Road depot.  The depot itself is in N19!<br></span>
  •<div><br></div><div>Amazon will route your delivery to dozens of local corner shops. Given that the people who actually do the deliveries are postmen, it's a service that normal mail could offer.</div>
  • No free delivery option with it though
  • North Nineeten,<div><br></div><div>I am in the same boat and would really like the depot to stay in the current location, near the Factory...</div><div><br></div><div>I have tried the Amazon local delivery thing at the Esso garage opposite the Police Station but it wasn't great...The guy was under pressure by the people who had to pay for the petrol, there was a problem with the petrol pumps and 2 people thought that their pumps had been mixed up and were basically paying for what wasn't the petrol they had bought...  Had to wait for ages and not worth the hassle!</div><div><br></div>
  • It's only Amazon though, not the Post Office, then?<br><br>I've always been mildly amused <strike>infuriated</strike> by the fact that we live on the Islington side of the tracks but have to trek all the way to Green Lanes when there is a perfectly good delivery office on Hornsey Road.<br>
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    Why would you choose a petrol station, they are generally understaffed and busy. If you opt for a shop you'll get much better service. The Post Office can't offer this option. It's the Royal Mail, they are obliged to take care of it on behalf of Her Majesty from the point you post it until it is delivered to the person it is being sent to. They are not permitted to just leave it anywhere. I post three or more parcels a week to addresses all over UK and far, far away in the letterbox on SGR. I have yet to have one lost or go astray. That's worth 90p (UK) a go.
  • yeah, I admit that the choice of the petrol station wasn't the smartest...
  • Terrible news . Post office is going down The drain. The one in Sgr is rough with that smelly shop all round it. Even tho the Asian family in the post office are brilliant , specially the fit daughter. :) Chang
  • I got a post office leaflet through the door recently saying they will be moving to a standard policy of leaving parcels with neighbours if you're not there. It seemed to be saying you could opt out but otherwise that's what they'd do.
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