Chez Lilline shutting down

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  • It's the restaurant that has closed. I think the fish shop is still open. Great shame. It's been there for decades.
  • Is this definitely true?  Is it shutting or shut?<div><br></div><div>I'm gutted regardless.  Chez Liline is/was one of my favourite restaurants. </div>
  • I've walked past for years and never been in. Always looked empty.
  • It's a great restaurant that is sadly underused, if you can go there do. Great seafood at a good price.<br><br>I'd imagine that bus stop in front doesn't help their business.<br>
  • The owner/chef had a stroke which is why it's closing. Very sad. The fishmonger will remain open though.<div><br></div>
  • Great food and service, but they did themselves no favours by having such a dingy interior. Given their location they needed to make a real effort, and they never did. I advised them to say hello here too, and they didn’t do that either. I never saw more than two tables occupied simultaneously.
  • Just walked past and it now looks like one of those 99p shops has taken over selling plastic toys, hats and beads. 
  • How about a Seasons- Fish ?
  • Deli deli deli deli deli deli deli deli deli
  • Did someone say deli?<br>
  • Or sports bar with wifi
  • <p>Really sad it has gone and shocked about Sylvain's stroke. </p><p>We would go several times a year (for 25+ years) and enjoyed the food and service. Liline once made me come in while they were closed to sit down and have a cup of tea as I looked like I needed to put my feet up when I was pregnant with the twins.  </p>
  • This is such a shame. I had never been there but it was always on my list of things to do one day. Too late. I met a woman at a party in Somerset the other week who, when hearing where I lived, raved about Chez Liline (an N4 friend had taken her).
  • Actually, perhaps it isn't quite closed down. The tables and chairs are still there in the background, and the '99p' seller looks temporary. Meanwhile, next door, in the fish shop, they have squashed 2 or 3 tables and chairs, so perhaps they are still hoping to sell a meal or two. Let's hope they are able to pick up again. This thread shows how well loved they are, although, as someone remarked, the restaurant always looked depressingly empty.
  • Trade did seem to have been picking up the last couple of months. Some Friday and Saturday nights were really quite busy. I'm hoping the place re-opens. You don't realise how much you love something until you've lost it.
  • Custom was always a bit up and down; I've never been in there as the only table, I've only once not been able to get one. Their best things were really good though I didn't go all that often. Would have gone more had I realised ... Let's hope they do manage to restart.
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