The Best Toilets in Stroud Green

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<P>Which pub or resturant has them ?</P> <P>La Porchetta is not too bad ?</P> <P>Worlds  End are dismal </P>


  • What a back end of the year subject for discussion! Still, let's give it a go, until 2012 is washed down the pan, in 4 days' time. Pause for thought. Actually, the only toilet I can remember to command my unqualified admiration is outside the village of Stroud, and as far removed from it, in terms of aesthetic toiletry, as a foreign country. In addition, it is a urinal, and so the fair sex will never have the pleasure of micturition in such a congenial environment, nor will they ever be in a position (=upright) to admire the brass work and tiling - of the Princess Louise in Holborn. Sorry for the ponderous delivery, folks; I have been reading Gladstone's letters - not that we learn anything about his urinary life, but he out-ponders every other Victorian, and I seem to have become slightly infected, in considering this weighty but expressive topic.
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    @Checkski: "I have been reading Gladstone's letters". Checkski's mention of his current reading material reminds me of a direct connection between Gladstone and SG, since (when Prime Minister) he appointed Dr Robert Linklater as Vicar of Holy Trinity ... a contentious appointment since the (then) low-church folks of Holy Trinity were not happy at having a high-church vicar foisted upon them. Linklater seems to have been quite a figure on the national stage, stirring strong opinions about his advocacy in the C of E for 'catholic' ritual trappings, and his consequent shaping of the C of E's liturgical develpoment in the late c19 and early c20. To Gladstone's credit - in sticking to his principles - he used his position as PM to back Linklater and kept him in post against the torrent of complaint against the appontment. An interesting period in the history of SG, and I wonder if it features in the Gladstone letters that Checkski is reading? And, with a nod to the main thread, I can add that the toilets at Holy Trinity are rather tired and unloved ... or they were when I attended a concert there a couple of years ago.
  • Re para 3: why is that to his credit, Joe? Is Holy Trinity in SGR? I'm not reading the letters per se, but browsing Philip Magnus's 1954 (?) biography of Gladstone, which refers to them copiously. I'll let you know if I find anything relevant to what you say.
  • Yes, Holy Trinity is in Stroud Green, on Granville Road.  The original Church suffered damage during the war and was demolished in the 60s (the crappy vicarage is now on that site) but the attractive church hall was taken over for use as a church.<br><br>The tradition of having a High Anglican vicar at Holy Trinity has continued.  One (it may have been Linklater) was a leading figure opposing secular education.  The current one is allegedly fond of carrying a picture of Ratzinger around, which causes raised eyebrows from some in his congregation.<br><br>I don't know whether it has good toilets.<br>
  • Generally pub toilets in Stroud Green are below the national average. Improvibg flush standards, basins, avail of paper etc, is something I would encourage the WI to adopt as a new year resolution/campaign . They have the size of membership, prestige and know-how to sort this out plus setting and regular monitoring of standards, blogs etc. And many would be grateful. Suggest start at the Nobel and work towards Nandos by valentines nite. Chang
  • <p>Chang, our WI resolutions are at a national level <a href=""></a>. </p><p>Perhaps you could start a small local group for this. Your vast and well documented experience at living with unsanitary smells in your road would make you the perfect figurehead for a 'Better Lavatories for SG' campaign.</p>
  • @gardener-joe No mention of Linklater, Holy Trinity, Stroud Green, in my index. I meant to write SHR, not SGR. I see from the map it's not the church I was thinking of. What's the one more or less opposite Victoria Rd called? Churches are not really my subject. Chang, you are a rascal, you really are.
  • Annie , I take your point and I would not expect you to do of the work, cleaning etc. that could be done by lesser WI members (new ones) and of course the real responsibility should be the pub owner. I would think that a word from you about say restocking condoms or changing light bulbs (are you reading this Sugar Lounge?) would do the trick - standards would rise. Sucess! The benefit would be more customers would return, and WI members would see more of life - this wud stimulate the local economy and other issues. You are right that (unfortunately for me) I live in a street with occasional but regular unwanted and insanitary smells (cause apparently unknown - but there are suspects). These can be severe. I am thus keener than most to get a movement going around these issues. SG will be better for it in 2013 which may be a dull year (no olympics/jubilee etc). Chang
  • well the Gents in the chandelier end of the Stapleton on New Years Eve was pretty disgusting, the worst I have seen in ages
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    "Generally pub toilets in Stroud Green are below the national average."<br><br>I didn't realise there was a national average. Are there league tables? And an OFSTED-style governing body?<br>
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    @Idoru: "an OFSTED-style governing body?" I guess it would have to be called ... OFPIS?
  • Like Ofsted, I think OfPis should award marks for 'most improved'.  On that basis I nominate the bog at the Dream River Cafe as best in Stroud Green. It was never really that bad but it's a palace of micturational delight now.<br>
  • "OFPIS" - Brilliant! <br><br>Wetherspoons pubs usually have quite good toilets. Someone once told me it's because George Orwell said good toilets were a necessity in his 'The Moon Under Water' essay, but I looked it up and he doesn't mention the conveniences. That essay is why Wetherspoons pubs don't have music though. Not entirely sure what Orwell would have made of the White Lion's quiet air of desperation and lives wasted.<br>
  • Sadly, Wetherspoon's deviated from Orwell's blueprint as soon as they got the bloody TVs in. Still, they're ahead of all the shitty DJ bars which try to reference that essay in their press releases. Saw plenty of those when I worked in club listings, and always replied with 'Have you actually read it? If so, when are you sacking the DJs?'
  • <P>WLM was packed full of local 2nd Year Uni students on Friday night having a final drink before going back to Uni.</P> <P>It made me think of Idorus coments  above which IO though are quite appropriate except when I need to use up my Camra  vouchers.</P>
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