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Can anyone explain to me why the world has gone mad for Borgen?      I watched the start of the much hyped new series last night but after the first hour, I switched off.    I just don't get it.      What's the appeal?      Why should I be remotely interested in Danish coalition politics, tedious political back room intrigue and an apparent love triangle, all presented with no discernible dramatic tension, unappealing characters, and no cliffhanger  - what's to like?<br><br>I watched The Killing (1) all the way through but at least there was a murder at the beginning and a twist at the end.   <br><br>They say Borgen is better.  Enlighten me someone.<br><br><br>


  • It probably helps to have watched series 1. Give it time though, and you'll find Danish politics fascinating.
  • Hrrrmph.<br><br>This site obviously not the place for a robust dialogue on anything more intellectually challenging than the price of cakes at Bon Matin. <br>
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    Oh dear ... a hint of toys, pram, chuck ...
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    <p>I can't get on with the Killing and haven't tried Borgen. That unrelenting Scandi gloom just doesn't appeal.</p><p>Danish politics can't possibly be as entertaining as The West Wing. Or Yes,Minister and House of Cards.</p><p> </p>
  • @krappyrubsnif as mirandola says, you definitely need to have watched the first series! it's all about the character development etc. i never knew i would be so hooked on danish politics.<br>
  • All right, all right.  Actually I am so stupid I had no idea the plot had anything to do with being a *coalition* until I read it in the reviews later.  Apparently it's important.   Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I was trying to do the crossword at the same time.   BTW @gardener-joe, you forgot my rattle.<br>
  • Haven't watched Borgen but the first series of The Killing was the best thing I've seen for years (second series not so good). I'm having a box set January - started Our Friends in the North last night, Killing 3 next week, might rewatch Game of Thrones, then not sure what after that. Should I bother with Mad Men anyone? The length of it somewhat puts me off.
  • I'd say yes to Mad Men. The Wire if not seen that. And my favourite recommendation, Deadwood.<div><br></div><div>Borgen not as good as the Killing in my view.</div>
  • Borgen definitely better than the Killing. Fight!
  • I enjoy Borgen, reminds me of The West Wing but in a very low key/much less production budget kind of way. Cannot comment on The Killing as I am just into season 1. Definite yes to Mad Men! I loved Our Friends in the North when it was originally on TV - good choice!!! Would recommend The Soranos too. (Yes, I love my TV series's!)
  • Thanks for suggestions. Will give Deadwood a go - seems it's only three seasons long. I just don't know if I can give 150+ hours of my life to Mad Men and the Sopranos, no matter how good, though the Wire was definitely well worth the effort. <div><br></div><div>Our Friends in the North will be returned to Hornsey library in the next week if anyone wants it! (It's excellent.)</div>
  • If your are after something shorter then maybe Damages? I think it's only three seasons. Have only seen two and really enjoyed it.
  • I couldn't even finish watching the first ep of Mad Men - the misogyny put me right off. <br>
  • The misogyny - and it's gradual subversion - is the very heart of Mad Men.  As in real life, it's corrupting for the men as well as damaging for the women.<br><br>I second The Sopranos - never a bad episode.<br><br>Game of Thrones is a lot of fun too.<br>
  • I am just going to watch the second part of Borgen again.     Mrs K is on hand to tell me what I need to know.<br>
  • The first series of Borgen was good. Definitely one of the few box sets I've stuck with. Just got on "The Bridge", which has started well.<div><br></div><div>I know I'm in a very small minority on this, but I never ever ever understood the appeal of The Sopranos. I just wanted Tony Soprano to get caught and go to prison. I felt no sympathy for the man or his situation, and the lack of justice in the whole set up left me a bit numb.</div>
  • The Bridge was brilliant!
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