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<p>I went to the Post Office on Holloway Rd today, before I got inside a fight started a man in his mid 40's against a man age about 25. One punch was thrown and the younger man ran off with a bloody nose and making a phone call up Holloway Rd towards Archway. The older man went towards the Nags Head corner.</p><p>When I left the Post Office the younger man was jogging back down Holloway Rd with a friend who had a scarf wrapped around his head, that's when I called the police, rounding the corner at nags head I saw the older man getting hit with a metal bar of some description and a blade of some sort he had blood coming out of his ear and head.</p><p>They then both run off.</p><p>I am no coward but I felt safer living in LA than I do in London.</p>


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