• My geography is not the best from that angle(!) Is that the covered resevoir and Mount View Road above The Emirates?
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    No, that's Hornsey Road and Alexandra Park.<br><br>Finsbury Park is to the right and slightly behind the Emirates, marked by a tower block in the bottom left of the green space.<br><br>'Above' that is the horrible redbrick shitfest of Wood Green.  Just to the left of that is the gas holder at Hornsey.<br><br>'In front' of the gas governor one can see Stroud Green (At least the Upper East Side) on the hill.  You can make out the diagonal cut of Ferme Park, and Stapleton Hall (and Chettle Court) to the right of that.  If I can be arsed later I'll do a screen capture with commentary...<br>
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    Correction,you were right.  What I thought was the resevoir is, I think, Granville Road Spinney.<br>
  • Which means I can I can also see Tosscat's house.<br>
  • Blimney, that really confuses my bearings!<br><br>My house is directly between the Shard and Ally Pally, but it's not.<br><br>Is the tower block between Ally Pally and to the left of the Emirates the one on Crouch Hill?<br>
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    Yes, that's Holly Park.  The smaller block behind it and to the right is on Mount View Road, near the junction with Crouch Hill.<br>
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    This may help, when used with the main map:<br><br><img src=""><br>
  • I wish this forum used BB code like every other decent forum in existance, I can never remember how to make the bloody thing post images.<br>
  • What's the tall whitish building to the east of Holly Park? Video Court? And the white building on the horizon (-ish) above Ally Pally?
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    Yes it is my house. It's a bit of a blur mind, much more blurred than the one @Misscara posted back in July.
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  • Is that a double-entendre?<br>
  • I think it's a single entendre!
  • Perhaps a bit of Shardenfreud?  Or would that just be my twisted bitter mind?
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    @Arkady: FWIW, <i>HOLLY PARK</i> is the estate - the tower block is called <i>ILEX HOUSE</i><br><br>(Sorry for uppercaseness - but writing Ilex House (as they do on the sign outside it) is just confusing in a sanseriff font :-)<br><br>EDIT: Actually, IIRC <i>HOLLY PARK</i> is signposted as the street name of <i>both</i> side roads that bracket the estate - the estate itself being the <i>HOLLY PARK ESTATE.</i><br>
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    Went up the Shard yesterday. It really is a fantastic view. There is an indoor viewing area and then you can go upstairs to an outside one, in part of the shard bit. Both you can walk the entire way round and get a full 360 view of London. You realise how high you are when you look across at the other tall buildings, ie the Gherkin and where you stand dwarfs them. <br><br>Thanks to this could just about spot where Stroud Green theoretically is. Could easily see The Arsenal stadium and Ally Pally.<br><br>It's heavily visitor-attractioned though. Lots of hosts, gift-shopped to the extreme and it costs £24 to go up. (Luckily, I wasn't paying)<br><br><br>
  • I don't think I'll go up. I went up the WTC in New York in the olden days and it was pretty easy to pick things out because of the grid system. Even with the handy labels on the map above, everything still looks to be in the wrong place. Or in a different place to where it is in my mind, which is the same thing. It would be a complete waste of a pony for me.
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  • @Roy - thank you for that wonderful pedantry, that was almost anal enough to have been written by me.<br><br><br>
  • Misscara, I would love to see any and all of those pictures.<br>
  • Even if you can't pick things out it is a phenomenal thing to see down on London from up there. Looking across at the City the buildings look so close together you can barely imagine there is room to walk between them.<br><br>When I remember how to post a picture I'll stick one up.<br>
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