Ticket going for Curious Incident of the Dog, Olivier, TONIGHT

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I've got a £13 ticket spare for The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time at Olivier Theatre tonight if anyone is interested.    Good value at face value but I'll do it for half price is anyone wants it.  Messed up the arrangements and can't be arsed / don't have the willpower to ring up all my friends today.   Mrs K and I are going.   Starts 7.30.  Beginning of a Stroudgreen.org theatre club, perchance?<br>


  • Are you sure it's tonight? The Captain of Köpenick is on in the Olivier tonight. <br><br>Also, the NT usually lets you return/exchange tickets for a small fee.<br>
  • @rainbow-carnage Confusion reigns. You are right - tonight's tickets are for a different theatre and we only have 2 of them. I was given the the wrong instructions over breakfast. Thanks for the heads up - it does pay to read what's on the ticket. Honour has been saved all round, the play can go on, a very tricky domestic situation avoided. So no spare ticket tonight - sorry.
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