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Stroud Green WI meeting, Mon 15th April 7.30pm - Learn to quilt!

If you've ever fancied learning to quilt but haven't quite got around to it, you're very welcome to come along to our meeting tomorrow! We have an expert quilter in our group, who will be teaching us how to create a small patchwork quilt top using the English paper piecing method, then how to turn it into a mini-quilt with extra layers and a bound edge. <div><br></div><div>We meet at 7.30pm at The Hideaway on Ennis Road, N4 3HD (white metal railings outside - please buzz to be let in). We will supply fabric etc, but if you can bring scissors/needles/thread, that would be very helpful - and you can of course bring your own fabric if you would like to (preferably pre-cut into 4-inch squares).</div><div><br></div><div>All women welcome. It should be a fun evening!</div>


  • WHY only women??!!! This is sexism WRIT LARGE. I will be there with some mates to protest and show how men can lead on these things . Chetski's probably gonna roll up. Chang
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