Helicopters very loud at Islington, Finsbury Park, Green Lanes

Hey all. Does any one know about this helicopters very loud surrounding the area? Has been too much of this lately! It's is very loud and annoying. I don't remember to hear those before.


  • This was Honesuckle Weeks arriving at the Park Theatre, the price we pay for getting stars to SG . a sign of things come with stars like Maureen Lipman and David Yip on the bill. Chang
  • @margaridamarca, it's the police helicopter. Last night around midnight they were looking for burglary suspects in N4; the helicopter found 3 men, who were then chased and arrested by police on the ground. Good work by all, I reckon!
  • Update on previous post - police helicopter crew found a 4th suspect hiding in a garden a few minutes after spotting the first 3, and a 5th was caught by local police. 
  • What when we have drones doing that job, automated gadgets that can even read your phone number? Your posts epitomise the dilemma. We are profoundly glad when criminals are caught; but we risk losing privacy/human rights. Drones as weapons, though: a very loud NO! is needed, CND-style. IMnotsoHO.
  • Poor drones must be bored senseless reading my messages. I suppose we could make sure all our mundane messages are secured from everyone so that the criminal element can have the freedom to run riot, but it seems a bit like cutting off your nose to spite your face.
  • To be honest, if they had drones hovering around London's traffic lights, gunning down drivers who think they're too important to obey reds, I would be entirely in favour of that. 
  • @ADGS, agree with the sentiment (as long as it also includes light-jumping cyclists), but am concerned about the likely jams/tailbacks caused by the clean-up of vehicle & driver parts. Perhaps just tag them then gun them down later when off main roads?
  • A fine compromise. Re: cyclists, simply because a bike is less damaging than a car, one really has to take that into account and shoot only to maim. 
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