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Or, what I think local businesses should do: a) join this forum and say hi b) Set up a facebook page. Couple of decent photographs, phone number, opening hours, explanation of what you do, menu if you are a restaurant. c) Set up a twitter account. Tweet specials, sales, etc... d) Use all to ask people what you should stock, when they'd like you to open, etc.., e) consider going upmarket. There is still nowhere round here that sells a decent selection of cheese or good children's clothes. The jumpers over shirts/hipster crowd have their flaws but they (we?) also have the money. Anything else?


  • My husband's been wearing jumpers over his shirts since he was at school; does that make him a hipster? He's an academic in his mid-50s, but I wonder if that disqualifies him or makes him an early adopter?<div><br></div><div>(Apols for threadjack, it's only in the last couple of weeks that I have begun to identify hipsters in the area by sight.)</div><div><br></div><div>Think you've got most of it, @Mirandola. Maybe also have an 'opening' where locals are invited to meet proprietors f2f and look around, to create a bit of a buzz?</div>
  • So - I am a hipster!    Bit warm for jumpers over shirts at the moment.  Cool.<br>
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    Or, @krappyrubsnif, a Sloane. They also wear jumpers over shirts and have done for decades. Come to think of it, anyone who lives in the Northern Hemisphere wears jumpers over shirts at some point, especially between September and May. Maybe we're all hipsters. OMG - I'M Hipstacus!
  • @vetski, agree with the soft opening
  • I don't wear shirts. I'd have to iron them.
  • The beauty of wearing jumpers over them - no-one can tell! Creases are probably ironic anyway; plus they fall out with body heat.
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