Farmers Weekly

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I see that Tescos regularly has around 4 copies of Farmers Weekly in its mags section.<div><br></div><div>I we under who as round here would by buy it ?</div>


  • I wondered the same when I saw Country Life in the magazine rack at the Post Office.  Or was it House and Garden?  Anyway - totally out of place.<br><br>
  • My mum reads People's Friend, Horse and Hound and the Conservative party newspaper. She's never been on a horse, voted Tory, nor does she have many friends. Not totally out of place just surprising. Chang
  • Maybe a sign of the bourgeois elite moving in more. Some city lawyers with country piles having pied a terres in Stroud Green?
  • I'd have thought just for the property porn. Both my mother and I like to read Country Life on occasion, but neither of us would dream of living outside of Zone 2!
  • This is standard national planogramming. You'll see the same layout and range for this size of store in Sunderland, Birkenhead and Torquay for example. There will be a few slots for local publications, but that'll be it in terms of variety. News and mags are sale or return from distributors so you set your range up for the masses and for the niche requirements to get the best from the fixture. More often than not the range is managed by these distributors (WHSmiths or Menzies) rather than the multiple themselves.
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