Gospel Oak to Barking

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is to be electrified then extended to Barking Riverside  says Gideon


  • Interesting. Christian Wolmar had a piece a while ago saying that this was in Boris' plans.
  • Its been in TfL's and Network Rails plans for several years, everyone agreed it would be a good idea but there was an issue over who would actually pay for it and also disputes over the true cost of the scheme (I won't bore you with details).<br><br>Basically now funding will be provided from the Department of Transport to TfL to undertake.  The result for local users and residents will be as follows:<br><br>- longer trains (and electric trains) which will be the same as those that run on the rest of the Overground (i.e. no doors between carriages and less seating)<br>- potential increase in frequency to every 10 minutes<br>- more freight services<br>- potential to recast London Overground i.e. services from Barking to Clapham Junction<br>
  • If it means one through train from Crouch Hill to Richmond without the Gospel Oak change then it sounds great!
  • Isn't that the other direction?
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  • It's the spare train that is used as a "PIXC busting" service.  PIXC = Passengers In eXcess of Capacity.  <br><br>Basically, the train before (0815 from Crouch Hill) is so full around Blackhorse Road that they put on an extra service using the spare train to reduce the amount of people standing.  There isn't the same crowding issues in the evening so doesn't need an extra service.  It has to terminate at Hampstead Heath (and not stop at Gospel Oak) because there is only platform at Gospel Oak which is occupied by the earlier train.  Make sense?<br>
  • @northnineteen - I love stuff like this! Great detail.
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  • Not in the 20 or so times I have caught it in the last year.  Everytime I sit on there at Hampstead Heath until the last possible moment and staff come through and clear the train.  It then leaves empty and goes back to the depot at Willesden Junc for maintenance etc.
  • Direct to Hampstead , that train is very convenient if going to the Royal Free. The change normally needed at GO and crossing the rail via tunnel is much less useful. Pixc does sound quite interesting as a concept if it magics up these special trains. Chang
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