Stroud Green place-page on Facebook?

Does anyone know if there is a Stroud Green place-page on Facebook?
I do not seem to be able to find one.
One'd be good for posting 'Travelling to' messages.
Maybe some bright spark will set one up ... hint, hint to the budding IT talents among us.


  • I can have a go later - what would be the ideal "centre point" of Stroud Green? ie. what should the place pointer point at? Interesction of SGR and Tollington Park?
  • This old survey might help (zoom in):

    If you want it be somewhere on the Stroud Green road then maybe Pappagone!
  • Thanks for the survey! So, based on that, how about the site of the abandoned Stroud Green railway station on Stapleton Hall road?
  • The junction of crouch hill, stroud green road (now with hanley rd, stapleton hall rd, mount pleasant cresc), appears on the oldest maps to be the original location identified as Stroud Green
  • @Thirdeariespace mmmm I'm not sure that you can conclude that from the survey results. The centre seems to be mid-way along Victoria Road, maybe where it crosses Albert road.
  • Yes, that's probably closer. I was just trying to pick out a landmark that would make sense and that's reasonably close, rather than have it in the middle of a residential section. Perhaps the suggestion @gardener-joe made is closer, then?
  • Or maybe it doesn't matter? In which case Victoria Road makes sense.
  • I'm with gardener-joe on this one, but only because the Crouch Hill / Hanley / Stapleton Hall Road junction (fiveways) is clearly the historic centre of Stroud Green. Though I agree places and place names can move.
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    Given it's purpose as a locator on a modern mapping service, I would suggest that having it as close to the centre of what people *now* think is Stroud Green makes more sense than John Carey's opinion in 1786.

    Also, as John Hinshelwood's History of Stroud Green tells us, that map is a bit dubious anyway. Stroud Green was the name given to a large area between the Hogsback Ridge and where the Bank of Friendship on Blackstock Rd is now, and had no clear centre.
  • Well, I think the commercial centre is a fair bit down SGR these days, but Fiveways is fairly close to the geographic centre (slightly too far west) and a clear local landmark that's hard to miss. I'll go for that unless anyone has major objections.
  • It's more that it's far too north. Given the number of people on Woodstock and Moray who feel they are in Stroud Green, and that virtually no-one north of Crouch Hill station does, the centre is near Pappagone/Tesco. Fiveways is right at the very top!
  • I think we both think of the direction that points towards Crouch End as being north subconciously, but if you look at a map Fiveways is pretty much directly west of where you suggested, in fact slightly to the south of it. But your point makes sense, both the historical and contemporary one! This is a conundrum :) Perhaps a poll is in order?
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    It's directly north-west! The point is this - if the Stroud Green Road (plus part of Crouch Hill) is one of the main axes, and you want the centre to be on the Stroud Green Road, then surely it should be half way between the parts of that road that are in Stroud Green?

    If you were to draw a border around those results (and believe me that's been done, see link below), then the centre you are proposing would be right on the edge of Stroud Green, not in the centre, which rather defeats the purpose of the thing you're trying to achieve.

    And yes I am obsessive about this.
  • And I totally respect that!

    Right, given those boundaries (that make sense to me!) here's the three proposals so far, as far as I can tell (forgive the crude Paint drawing):

    Red = Geographical centre, slightly varying depending on how you measure, as Arkady said vaguely around Victoria road

    Green = commercial centre, more or less, in the Tesco-Pappagone's area

    Yellow = possible historical centre, Fiveways

    I have to say all three of them are within a couple of blocks from each other, so I'm not sure it matters that much. What do others think?
  • @Thirdeariespace: _Fiveways is pretty much directly west of where you suggested, in fact slightly to the south_

    Yep. Seems right, since when in the early morning I walk along Stroud Green Road from 'fiveways' to Finsbury Park station the rising sun (pretty much east) is in front of me shining on my face. The reverse is true on the homeward treck in the evening, with the lowering sun (pretty much west) shining on my face.
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    For the record I did mean directly west from the Victoria road/Albert road intersection. :lol:
  • I tried to do this over the weekend, but there was already one set up - unless we want it "claimed" and active, there should be one if you scroll down the list a bit.

    Mind you, it's not exaclty centered with the place marker being at Albert Mews.
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