Finsbury Park SGR rail bridge: street scene ...

I appeal to the collective wisdom ...

I thought - from another thread about traffic going the wrong way during the road closure - that the SG road under the FPk-station bridge was looked after/kept clean by LB Haringey. Twice in the past week I have reported the current 3-foot high pile-up of detritus which is against the blue hording, by sending photos and reports via the MyHaringey phone app. But, the messy pile remains.

Haringey has not used the app to tell me it is not their job to clear the site. Indeed, there has been no response of any sort. So, is it perhaps LB Islington's responsibility?


  • The bus station side of the street is Islington. The Park side is Haringay.
  • OK. So the 'Clean Islington' app is now installed on my phone and a report of the problem submitted.

    But it seems that the 'Our Haringey' app and the 'Clean Islington' app are run off the same architecture; a system that seems to be branded 'Love Your Streets' and I thnk there might be a problem.

    Why do I think this? Well, because the new report I just put on the 'Clean Islington' app has now miraculously appeared on my copy of the 'Our Haringey' app, at the same time having deleting previously reported issues lodged on the 'Our Haringey' app.


    Reckon it is time to switch off and sort out the hot bedtime beverage.

    [Anyone else here running both apps? Your experience posted here would welcomed by me.]
  • There is a dead fox on the Haringey side of the road
  • Mr Corbyn personally removes all dead foxes from Islington side. That's one of the good things about having him as our MP.
  • To stop hunting fans collecting the bodies for sinister rituals, no doubt.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Islington doing a clean up this morning. Finally.
  • I have used the 'Our Haringey' App quite a bit. Once you work out how to use it I have found it a lot easier that using the council web site. The phone and GPS also must make it more efficient for the council although making it easier to report will mean they will get more issue to deal with. I have been getting pot holes fixed in days !
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