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Poisoning mice ...

edited September 15 in Local discussion
Well, my neighbours are at it again, and ir is not pleasant! No, not that you smut-brains! I mean they are putting down rodent poison, and not for the first time this year. I am not sure which of my neighbours (we are in a terrace) is putting out the rodent poison, but the upshot is a sickening smell of decomposing flesh that pervades every room on the ground floor.

Now, I guess the neighbours are squeamish and do not want to have to deal with dead and/or dying mice in a trap so resort to piles of poson. But hey, the little furry piss-spraying bastards are still dying even if out of sight ... a horrible slow death from internal bleeding, and heamoraging eyes, nose, mouth, ears, urine-tract and arse. And so while the neighbours' delicate visual and tactile sensibilities are protected, the olfactory pollution knows no boundaries.

Please, if you have a mouse problem put down a trap and kill the little cfritters quickly. Or use a humane trap and take them to Finsbury Park.

Oh, and is your home really as clean and dry as it could be? Something edible and/or potable is drawing the vermin to your living-space.

Maybe I will just leave that last bit as implicit rather than explicit when I summon the courage to have that "breakthrough conversation" over the fence.

Rant over.


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