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Waste disposal firm | recommendation sought.

Haringey Veolia will not take away some old timber, and a sawn-up kitchen counter. it counts as 'building waste'. I do not drive so cannot go to a local waste depot. Sorely tempted to find a local skip. Meantime, and while I wrestle with my civic conscience, has anyone here used a licensed waste removal firm they can recommend?


  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Zip Van? Or you don’t drive at all?
  • What is your old timber, has it been treated in any way, including painted with COSHH paint or water-proofing, does it still contain nails, or anything that may have contaminated the wood?

    Could you make your old timber/ kitchen counter into something else for sale/ give-away, like bird boxes, or shelves? Shabby-chic loves a bit of old timber...

    The timber shop in Middle Lane Crouch End might be able to help:

    If your timber is 'clean' perhaps Finsbury Park could make use of it so I guess Haringey would be the best contact.

    Otherwise I have used Community Wood Recycling ( commercially but not sure if they service domestic clients.
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