Tweet of the day - Fieldfare?

Could I have seen a Fieldfare in the street in Stroud Green just now? First for me if so.


  • Yes. A few years ago when there was snow, there were waxwings and fieldfares looking for food in our garden.
  • Funny enough. A Fieldfare is in the garden now.
  • Oh wow, as a Swede I hadn't even realised it was a rare bird here. Where I'm from it's easily one of the most common garden birds, there's hundreds of them every summer. My mother, when she still had her garden, hated them for being particularly destructive and "rude" (her words).
  • The Björktrast, the name in Sweden for the Fieldfare is more common than here. It tends to be in woodlands, farmland in England rather than urban areas. It is a bird in decline here and is on the red alert list of the RSPB. We usually only see them here when it's very cold weather.
  • Out to dinner this evening, this very subject came up! Fieldfares spotted in archway and putney, apparently. Not sure I'd know one if I saw it, but will look up.
  • They look like a very flamboyant thrush.
  • And having looked at some pictures, I think I saw a little gathering just off Colney hatch lane yesterday, too. Maybe they're moving in.
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    Lots of Fieldfares to be seen at Ally Pally and even in Woodberry Wetlands. Many Redwings too--another winter migrant Thrush. They've also
    been known to hang out with the Mistle Thrushes in Finsbury Park.
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