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Missing small grey tabby cat

Hi everyone. My small grey tabby cat has been missing since yesterday. I've put his picture as my profile picture. We live in the block of flats which straddle Marquis Road/Florence Road/Osborne road so hopefully he is around this area. If anyone has seen him, please get in touch. My number is 07825768444. Would be grateful if people could also check their sheds, bins etc. in case he has managed to get himself stuck. He is young and a bit excitable, and he answers to the name Rollo. Thank you!!


  • Hi. Have you managed to find your cat?

    A cat matching his description followed me right to the top of Florence Road on Tuesday night (2nd October so matches the time he went missing) but stopped and turned into a front garden just before I reached Ferme Park road. The cat was really cute and friendly, I took a few pictures of him because he was really lovely. Hope you've managed to get him back home!
  • Thanks for your comment! Sorry for the delay in replying. We found him eventually, someone got in contact saying they had him up by Haringey station, but took a few days to locate him! Thanks again.
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