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local craft & ceramics stalls needed for SG market Christmas fairs

Hiya everyone!
We're hoping to run these fairs during each of the first 3 sundays in December alongside the regular market, and I've been thinking that one day we could run a "pottery popup", one a jewelery collective and for the 3rd a mixture of wonderful local craft in various guises.

It would be wonderful to hear from anyone who might like to be involved, to see some photos and to get an idea of availability.

Places will be limited to 10 each time; stalls will be provided; haven't worked out the rent yet but I will soon and it'll be as fair and decent as I can make it!

best wishes from Ed


  • Hello Ed @Ned,
    This is a lovely idea, would really enjoy being on the mixed crafts day.
    I make all kinds of things, mostly gifty homewares and accessories, out of the vintage fabrics that I've collected/hoarded for years and sell them at vintage and craft fairs and upcycling events, a number of people here can vouch for my wares.
    I'll email you a couple of photos to the market email.
    Thank you
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