Nag’s Head Upper Place Market

edited February 2019 in Local discussion
I can genuinely never understand decisions to stop people actually leaving the house and having fun like this, how is a street food market going to lead to the following:

Key concerns included its capacity, opening hours, proximity to neighbours and children, the areas high alcohol density and existing problems, and preexisting problems with drug-taking and anti-social behaviour near the Hersteld Road Morrisons.

I have not met many people who drink Super T or take heroin at the same time as eating a dangerously overpriced falafel wrap.

What bugs me is we were promised a shift towards continental cafe culture when the late licencing laws came in yet they stifle it at every opportunity, this place didn't even want to open that late and could have been child friendly, like the place with the bus in Wood Green,

The area has lost loads of pubs in the past few years so the alcohol density is less, i wonder if the supermarkets push for it or if the powers that be really would prefer us watching talent shows on a Saturday night, aaarrrggggghhhhhh.


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