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Building a Future Machine in Finsbury Park

Join the Future Machine design team at Furtherfield Commons in Finsbury Park to build a new artwork that will help us to respond to environmental change... as the future unfolds.

You can book to take part in 4 workshops taking place between March and July that will involve thinking about the future (in response to environmental change) and helping to design and build a Future Machine, towards an exhibition at Furtherfield Gallery this summer (alongside the 150 year celebrations of Finsbury Park) and to tour around England in 2019/2020.

The workshops are open to anyone interested in creating positive visions for the future. The workshops will involve talking, thinking, making things with all kinds of arts and craft materials, as well as using interactive technology and scientific weather and climate sensors. You are welcome to sign up to 1 or all of the workshops, you don't need to attend them all to take part.

Book here:


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