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HARVEST FESTIVAL at SG market this Sunday: 10-4

(full listings at

Hi everyone!

Our much-anticipated harvest festival market is happening this Sunday. All the usual Stroud Green Market stalls will be here but with the following bells and whistles:

1) presentations, workshops, demos and tastings throughout the day. These include a ginger-beer making demo, specially prepared wine, cider and cheese tastings and talks given by organic farmers and Japanese picklers. Some of these will take place in the shed, others at the stalls themselves: full details on the blackboard so keep your eyes open!

2) fabulous bands playing free gigs from midday onwards.

3) extended hours: we'll keep open until 4pm rather than the usual half-past two.

4) special guest stalls with local crafts, allotment flowers and unusual biodynamic london bakeries bring the total number of traders to around 40.

5) there's also a harvest raffle with a chance to win a table-load of SG market goodies, as well as a few tins of supermarket peas given to me in archway the other day.

Finally (never one to miss a party) Diego the bike man is here for the second week running.

See you all soon, tell your friends and neighbours, and remember: be there or be a pear!

From Ed
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