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pies back this sunday at the market!

sunday 12th, 10-2:30 SG school perth rd opposite the fullback

Hi everyone,

More of the lazy latecoming traders are returning to stroud green this week and we're busy planning new stalls for the next month as well. The great thing about doing your shopping at a market is that you are supporting not only one little business but 10, 20...depending on how many stalls you visit. Even your presence is beneficial to the market and community in general as each visitor adds to the atmosphere in their own way. In short: Thank you for coming!

As for the specifics:

1) pies are back!
2) still no fish sadly as the bad weather down south means they're unable to get out to sea
3) Diego the bike man is coming to help you get your new year wheels whizzing.

See you on Sunday - we're here every week now until easter day.



Pie Station (meat/sweet pies, sausages rolls, quiches & crumbles)

Perry Court farm (Kentish fruit, veg & juice)

Marsh produce (fresh meat, poultry, game, eggs, cheese & preserves)

Bread by Bike (local sourdough)

Stroud Green Good Life (raw & organic dairy produce, eggs, cider vinegar, olive oil, honey, juice) with Devon Honey

Marco’s Italian Cheeses & cured meat (direct from the producers)

Floris Bakery (Sweet & savoury free-from bakery)

PAO Pickles (kimchi, sauerkraut and hot pickles, hand-made in Hackney)

Vegan Dips (hummus hand-made in Stroud Green)

Puglia House (new season EV olive oil, sold by the producer)

Momzy’s Kitchen (Cypriot pastries)

Hot Food

Dinh-Dins Viet Kitchen (Vietnamese street staples with a modern twist)

Pie Station (hot pies & sausage rolls)

Holy Pizza (Neapolitan-style, fresh & hot)


Kaffee Culture (London coffee roasters and baristas)

Brevevita (natural wines from East-central Italy)

Plants, skincare, crafts, bikes etc

Briggs’ Bughouses (“green roof” insect sanctuaries & succulents)

London Bike Studio (bike service & advice)

That’s a Nice Idea (Eco and zero waste products)

Back Soon

Mokaya Brownies (hand made & award-winning using fine dark chocolate) next week

Shumei Natural Agriculture (organic veg and other natural products) next week

Yorwarth’s fresh fish (also smoked fish and shellfish) next week
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