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Fish Stew and Cheddar Cheese this Sunday at the market

Sunday 26th January, 10-2:30, Stroud Green School, Perth Rd, opposite the fullback

Hi everyone,

Several nice things about this Sunday’s market:

1) Yorwarth’s fish is back at last! and Wendi is bringing her famous fish stew to keep us all warm.

2) As you might already have seen, Marco is selling cheddar alongside his Italian range. Don’t ask him why, simply try it and you’ll understand. It’s from outside Exeter, made at a farm which keeps a mixed variety of dairy cows (not just black & white).

3) Shumei have lovely cider, and cider vinegar, produced in Ireland according to the charity’s very strict Natural Agriculture standards

4) The Beerblefish brewery are with us for the first time this year, with ales, stouts and saisons in barrel & bottle.


Yorwarth’s fresh fish (also smoked fish and shellfish)

Mokaya Brownies (hand made & award-winning using fine dark chocolate)

Shumei Natural Agriculture (organic veg and other natural products)

Pie Station (meat/sweet pies, sausages rolls, quiches & crumbles)

Perry Court farm (Kentish fruit, veg & juice)

Marsh produce (fresh meat, poultry, game, eggs, cheese & preserves)

Bread by Bike (local sourdough)

Stroud Green Good Life (raw & organic dairy produce, eggs, cider vinegar, olive oil, honey, juice) with Devon Honey

Marco’s Italian Cheeses & cured meat (direct from the producers)

Floris Bakery (Sweet & savoury free-from bakery)

PAO Pickles (kimchi, sauerkraut and hot pickles, hand-made in Hackney)

Puglia House (new season EV olive oil, sold by the producer)

Hot Food

Pie Station (hot pies & sausage rolls)

Yorwarth’s Sussex fish stew (served with crusty sourdough)


Kaffee Culture (London coffee roasters and baristas)

Beerblefish (small North London brewery with traditional values)

Plants, skincare, crafts, bikes etc

London Bike Studio (bike service & advice)

That’s a Nice Idea (Eco and zero waste products)

Echo Leaf Print (home made scarves and cushions hand printed with plant-based dyes)


Briggs’ Bughouses (“green roof” insect sanctuaries & succulents)
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