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Pizza & Cider this sunday at the market

Sunday 2nd Feb 10-2:30
SG school, perth rd N43HB, opposite the fullback

Hi everyone,

To defy the drizzly winter we have managed to secure fresh pizza and home made cider this week. Come in shorts! (for those less hardy - or imaginative - Luke will also be selling his cider mulled ie HOT.)

Chra's amazing brownies will be sold, but not by her: have a look out for them on the "good life" stall which mostly has dairy, with organic apple juice and biodynamic bread alongside. Chra herself is back next time but the brownies will be as good as ever.

More bike fixing as Diego is coming every week at the moment to help you get cycling. Some of his services are free and others he charges for, but it's worth going to him for a chat as he's just as enthusiastic and knowledgable about bikes as a person of his cycle experience should be.

Remember the pies, the raw milk, the bread by bike, the amazing veg display, the natural wine and the craft coffee, it's all here this sunday as usual. See you there!

(full listings on the website)

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