Removal/Moving House Service?

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Can anybody recommend a good long-distance Removal/Moving House Service? Not so much a man with a van, rather something a bit more... organised? Cheers


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    These guys moved my stuff from London to Brussels, back again and across London.

    They're cheap (especially if you agree to share a van) and were fine. And even though they're called manvanlondon they're more quite-a-few-men-with-some-proper-trucks.

    Not sure I'd use them to transport Ming Dynasty vases, but they were fine for a basic move. Hope this helps.
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    We used Alexanders - for moving only, not packing. They were very good. Turned up on time, happy to wait whilst the house paperwork was sorted, and managed not to break anything.

    I don't work for them.

    Really, I don't.
  • Hi Matt,

    I have moved from Edinburgh to London last year and used this company: They have packed, moved and then unpacked everything from my 3 bed flat. Nothing was broken at all. The most important part to me is that they gave me fixed price for the move. Most of the removal companies I have contacted are charging per hour and this way you have no idea how much will be your final bill. I hope that helps.
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