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    Hello! I live in Stroud Green : )
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    I've been in SG for about....blimey...a year now. Just found this site and it looks like an appropriately eclectic place to say hello! I'm in the deceptively intimidating Shelley Court just off Hanley Road with my flat mate Chris, and loving it. Lived in Highbury/Finsbury Park for about 4 years prior to moving up the road and am so pleased I did.

    Now just to clear up my position on a few things...

    Old Dairy - Cracking pub, bar manager we are all secretly in love with, but most of the staff are total bobbins. Particularly the Cat Deeley look-a-like who waitresses. So bad, it's (nearly) funny

    Woody's- We thought it was a great place, and it is pretty good for random cravings, but it is fair to say I've had friendlier service in a knife fight in the Larrick! Still, I'll be getting my humus form there Sat no doubt.

    Faltering Fullback - Again, staff are total d*gshit (apart from the landlord), but still love the place. Where else lays on a free, homely, Irish stew with your Guinness? It's like my Granny never died really painfully in Northwick Park.

    Other than that and bumping in to James MacAvoy & Anne-Marie Duff a lot on Hanley Road I can't think of anything else.

    Anybody fancy a game of cricket in the summer? We're starting a team (Stroud Green Willows C.C.).
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    @kptownend: If you a search on the form you will find a picture taken during the war showing the bomb site that led to the 'deceptively intimidating' Shelley Court being built. Someone less lazy may provide a link.

    Where do MacAvoy and Duff live? I'd have thought that the Hanley Rd was a bit scrappy for them (apologies to residents, but you're on the wrong side of SGR).

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    Ooooh, they should be on the 'Top Celeb Spot' thread! See them over the border in Crouch End M&S quite often but not spotted them in SG.
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    Why "townend" KP?

    I'm secretly hoping it's a tribute to one of the finest stands in football, but I doubt it.
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    Your doubt is correct, Andy....Alas it's a cunning spin on my name. The only football stand I would ever honour would be the Paxton in any case.

    See a lot of the very talented A.M. Duff getting off the W7. Some of my post was recently sent in error to their flat. It's a modest 2nd floor effort the Hornsey Road end of Hanley Road. Keeping it real (or just very tight) on the West side of SGR. Oh yes! Nowt wrong over our side Arky!

    Annie, I've seen Capaldi and Ian Hart floating about too, but MacAvoy is the best I can come up with.
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    I've seen Jimi Mistry, Simon Pegg, Neil Morrissey, Giani off Eastenders, Minty off Eastenders, Billy Mitchell off Eastenders, that girl who had an American accent off Eastenders, basically the entire cast of Eastenders past and present, and some other semi-famous people that I've forgotten. A friend saw Michael Atherton the other day but that wasn't in Finsbury Park.
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    Not spotted any celebs and have lived round here for a couple of years now. It all looks very interesting - especially the book group.
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    Hi, not sure if I am in the right thread. Just wanted to say Hi, after joining this great website. Lived here for around 10 years, moved away for 3 and now back again! Looking forward to working my way through all the tips!
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    Greetings fellow Green Strouders! Finally joined this fabbo site!
  • Hi everybody!

    I became a member a long time ago, and have now decided to reveal my presence! I think this Stroud Green website is an ingenious idea, it's so refreshing to see so many fellow Stroud Greeners!
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    Lots of new members in today. Please say hi.
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    I just got massively ripped off by that Kebab shop by Woody's. They took £6 off me and then told me I hadn't paid, while I stood there waiting like a gimp for a shish kebab.

    And then some cunt threatened to beat me up for pointing out the obvious.

    Massive wankers. Don't go there. Ever.
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    I had an inedible kebab from there last week. Never again. It was completely impervious to any kind of mastication. A
  • lislis
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    hi there - just moved down from the dizzy heights of crouch end. very happy to have both the dairy and noble as my locals. feels like a really friendly site. hello all :)
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    hello lis! and hello everyone else who wrote on this thread but who haven't had a hello yet.
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    Hello again. I am now officially a Stroud Green resident, after several months of interloping. LOVE IT!
    Does anyone know anyone who could cut my grass? I haven't got a mower yet and have a lawn like a hay field.
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    Hey All

    I'm a born and bred Stroud Greener, and moved back here 4 years ago, I've browsed this site a few times, and thought it was about time I signed up.
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    Hello and hello.

    I'm afraid I don't know anyone who cuts grass for money, though.
  • IanIan
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    @Andy - to be fair to Hopping Mad, he didn't specify he would pay for his grass to be cut. That said, I don't know anyone who would do it for free either.
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    Hopping Mad, a man?
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    How bizarre! Last time I looked he was a she. Hopping Madette may describe me more accurately and remove the unwanted Y chromosome.
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    Hi, discovered this site by chance last night and thought would join. Have been local for about 15 years apart from a brief foray to the suburbs on the mistaken belief that it would be better for my kid. Couldn't hack all that green and was commuting back into Stroud Green daily so moved back last summer to Tollington Park. Soooo pleased to be back. Now looking for somewhere to buy.
    No dogs but fostering a pregnant cat who is having kittens imminently.
    We might check out the community choir next Wednesday.:)
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    Great site for a newcomer to Stroud Green! I'm Jack, recently moved in to Blythwood Road. Loving the view. Working from home quite a bit so will definitely be pursuing recommendations on this site for good local coffee and the rest. Maybe discovering the undiscovered too.

    Cheers, J
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    Little Toad needs a pond for her forever home. I live in Queens Drive and have a dear little Toad (I think it is a girl - as it doesn't croak? This is what an expert told me). She has been living in the front of my basement bay window for a few years. There is no pond or anything for her - no friends either - bless. Is there anyone who has a pond in their garden, and ideally other toads??? So that she can have a nice home. I have a 52 kilo dog and 6 cats so putting her in the back garden is out of the question. Clissold Park - she would get run over if she tried to get back here. Please if there is anyone living near me that would be happy to have another little one in their pond, I will bring her to you.
    I have just found your web site and have lived in Queens Drive for 25 years!!! Bit slow aren't I? Having said that I suppose I am really Finsbury Park, and not Stroud Green - sorry about that.
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    Hi Mags
    Thanks for your email, I will write in a mo.
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    Hi Mags,
    A note to say "Thank You" so much for taking Betty into your home (well garden to be precise). I am sure she will be really happy with her new friends.
    Thank you for your kindness. Sally and all my Little Perishers xxxxxx
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    Hi, I'm Lorna, have lived here for about 27 years and only just discovered this site. It's excellent - now I feel I'm really part of a community at last...
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    Hi Lorna. Here's a challenge: What are the 3 biggest changes to Stroud Green in the last 27 years? 100 words :-) A
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