Magnificent Maps: Finsbury Park
  • Amazing! Thanks very much, Misscara.

  • The full map is great too!

  • Thanks! I thought I had put the link for the full map, not very good at this!

  • Were there really Soul II Soul parties in Stroud Green? Where would they have taken place? At the Park Tavern?

  • There's another of his maps called "Hub" in the Summer Exhibition at the RA and it also features Stroud Green. Beautiful maps, I'd love to have one...£2k a pop for the prints which slightly stopped me in my tracks. Go see at The RA or British Library for a nice trip out.
  • British Library exhibition highly recommended - and not just for the ace air conditioning and even better shortbread at the cafe!
  • Marquis, Jazzie B was born in Hornsey so I imagine so. Dunno where though. There was a reggae shop on SGR called Bamboo Records, who may have had something to do with the parties
  • Jazzie B's dad apparently owned a house on St. Thomas's Road, I think near the corner of Monsell Road.
  • Completely unrelated, but Lotus Cars' first factory in the early '50s was based in the old stables behind the Railway Hotel in Hornsey. I think that deserves a mention on the map.

  • Soul II Soul and a lot of the sound system guys were based around Stroud Green. Quaff records started on Stroud Green Road, Paul Anderson is from the area, George Power still has a studio in the area, Jazzie lived just off Hanley Road for years and lots of people from the old kiss Fm in the pirate days (when it was good) were based around here. In fact the old studio building on Tollington Park was home to quite a few acid house raves back in the late 1980's.

    Interview with Jazzie B where he mentions the local area here,
  • Yey! So pelased that fellow have discovered Stephen Walter!

    @ Helen, the individual borough prints aren't that dear, nowhere near £2k, a fraction of that. The Island Howver is around £5k, eek! You can try to haggle a bit with the agent TAG Art at the Business Design Centre.

    I've been a fan of Stephen Walter for a while, and we are wannabe collectors (not got the cash). However, I must have been good the last few years as him indoors got me Islington for my 40th birthday and Hackney for my 41st. Plus 2 magnifying glasses. Now we really don't have the cash!
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