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Hi there,

I just wanted to recommend my cleaner Jenny if anyone is looking for a decent cleaner. Mine is on holiday for 6 weeks and this is his cousin taking over, she is actually fantastic and I don't want her to go and want to keep her on, but that wouldnt be fair to my original cleaner. Ive had lots of cleaners over the years and I have a very fussy husband and she really is blooming brilliant, the place looks like a palace when she has finished and she is really thorough. She would like more local work as she has work a bit further out so ideally Finsbury Park or Stroud Green.
Whisper me and I will send you her number.



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    Hi Bridget

    How much does she charge - approximately? Never had a cleaner but am tempted having recently moved into a house and finding the time is more and more difficult!

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    Hi Bridget,

    Is Jenny a minority? I'd really like a minority one. They are the best!


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    hi bridget

    that is exactly what i would like - a brilliant recommended cleaner - can you send me her number?

    and what do you pay?


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    Hi, not really sure what the 'whispering' thing is so maybe I haven't done the right thing to get the number for Jenny? Does someone mind explaining in case I'm missing something please as I would really like that number!!!
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    Bridget, I whispeered for your cleaner's details - did you get it? (Not sure if I did it right!)
    Gardener Joe, your cleaner's details would be great too


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    Does anybody else find it ironic that 'Amy Cleaning' seems to have gone on a one person crusade to create a litter problem in FP /Stroud Green with her bright yellow leaflets?! They are over the streets literally everywhere. In my opinion, the council should contact her and make her clean up the mess!
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    @Thomas - I once left a long message on the Amy Cleaners answering machine to that effect, as one of their flyers had become pretty much superglued to the windscreen of my car.
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    Hi Bridget and Joe,

    I tried a whisper to both of you to get the details of your fab cleaners but didn't hear anything back yet. I'm worried that my whisper was too hoarse and didn't work. Thought I'd raise the whisper to a normal speaking voice and see if that works?

    Now where did I put my duster...

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    Same here guys! Whispered but did not get an answer back!
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    Hi Bridget & Joe,

    I'm looking for a cleaner in the area, any chance you could supply details for your cleaners please,

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    I'd also like to know the details of your cleaners, Bridget and Joe. Thanks...
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    Hiya everyone Jennys phone number is 0789 621674.

    Colette if you see this please can you call her has she has lost your number and needs to get in touch. Thanks.
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    Just to let you know we also used Jenny (who I believe is reall Yenny?)
    Her and her mother did a really good job although I did think that there were not the cheapest at £90 for 4 1/2 hours work when I did think that we were going to be only paying for the 1 person not two... but nethertheless Yenny did an amazing job with our rental flat before we moved and if you are looking for someone who is throuough and who will do a good job shes your girl!

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    Hi yes she came with her mum when she did our rental and charged about the same, but it was a lot of cleaning!

    When she does a weekly clean she is on her own not with her mum.
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    Ah ok,

    I did not realise we were going to get charged double... but as said before she did a brilliant job!

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    It is only £10 and hour would you do it for that ?
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    Yes - but I wouldn't be able to do as good a job as she did!
  • hi all, can anyone recommend a cleaner 7 years later?! :smile:
  • Hi all, Can anyone recommend a cleaner now? thanks
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