Supper Club evenings in Stroud Green

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  • <P>It would be a good start to get to know neighbours. If there is a huge response we can always move it to a pub, but I'd be up for a round robin of socialising. </P> <P>C</P>
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    How very civilized. Good luck!
  • Why thank you sentiments exactly! It certainly beats socialising at the sauna on Crouch Hill! hehe<div><br></div><div>@Coling - Just replied to your message in my inbox</div>
  • Hi Cristo,<br><br>Good idea! My girlfriend and I have been living in the area for the last six year and it is always good to meet new people. We're up for it! Let's see how many people reply...<br>
  • <P>Yes, a great idea indeed. I'd be interested in this too. I wonder how many Bs and Ts will turn up?</P>
  • Hey there GCL & Marquis.. Brilliant! I had a feeling I'd get a good response to this and so far I haven't been disappointed. Between this and one other site and not to mention word of mouth, it's already in double figures!<div>I'm pencilling something down for Saturday, 25th February. I figure seeing that this is LGBT History month it's as good a time as any to get something going! Let me know who is around that evening and I'll get the game plan in motion!</div>
  • Cool. We're around so we will be up for it.<br>
  • do you have to be lesbian gay bisexual transgender (whatever that is) or can anyone turn up?
  • just to clarify -some people might not be sure if the are lesbian gay bisexual transgender or all 4 or more of them.
  • @chrisn4<;div><br></div><div>I'm guessing it's a cisgender* free event.</div><div><br></div><div>*Yes, I mostly posted this because I like the word 'cisgender' and think it should be used more. </div>
  • Hang about, wouldn't that mean it was only for the Ts, and Ls, Gs and Bs who were not also T would not be welcome?<br>
  • what about ppl who go to betting shops and drink in WLM? (PWGTBS)
  • <p>Perhaps you could offer to host a civilised social for that group of people Chang. </p>
  • luv to, but you'd have to leave your paint brushes behind anne
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    front of the queue, but bring a friend . :)
  • @Misscara:I slept with another woman once, but I didnt inhale. Can I come? quel joli double sens
  • <P>if one organised a heterosexual social evening and advertised it on this forum wouldn't some people say that is prejudiced against LGBT.So how come LBGT organise a social evening just for themselves and not inviting heterosexuals.Just a point of logic.No offense meant to any local LGBT people.Hope this helps....</P> <P>"i slept with another woman once..can i come?"</P> <P>i dont know? did you?</P> <P>if you did then,yes you can come again...</P> <P>i dont know what mirandola and adgs means ...there are some clever people on this forum and i cant always understand the words and phrases that some sg mush use...can there be a dictionary for translation so that mush like me can understand the more sophisticated mush who use this forum</P> <P>if you are one of the riff raff element who hangs around outside william hill (but not coral) as its being refurbished can you attend? because alot of those mush dont know what day it is let alone if they are LGBT hetero or anything else</P> <P>in the mean time if you are a bit confused about your sexuality - i wouldnt worry about it too much...</P> <P>hope this helps</P>
  • <p>Cristo is organising a private, social event for like minded people in his own home, he can be as exclusive as he likes. I can't imagine that anyone would be offended.</p><p>I've organised a W.I. through this forum and no one has (yet) complained.</p><p> </p>
  • @chrisn4 oh please, stop digging that hole you are in ...
  • <P>i can never understand half the things people say on this forum - its like a riddle or something or that phrase winston churchill used... an enigma wrapped in something wrapped in something else ,or something ...perhaps if i had attended oxbridge polytechnic it would have made things easier to understand...its all very puzzling i must say im afraid perhaps people know what they are on about though,or maybe not....difficult to know really,especially if one is a bit tipsy on gin and tonic with ice and a slice, the 2 bar fire on in one's pyjamas,dressing gown and slippers and munching on a cheese and branston pickle sandwhich... watching sky news about fabio capello resigning and hoping that harry redknapp will be the next manager of england football team....with stewart pearce as caretaker manager ...sorry LGBT if this is confusing you...i am not quite sure if i understand what fabio is up to either....</P> <P>carry on</P> <P> </P>
  • @chrisn4,<div><br></div><div>You are on something of a losing wicket here. </div>
  • This is a q born out of ignorance rather than negativity...but would Bs be likely to come to such an event? Presumably most Bs who are in a relationship are in one with one sex or the other, and might well not have told their other half that they are B? Just from reading the papers, being B seems to be seen as the least acceptable sexual preference (the media seems to make a point of saying when someone's B, but less so if they're L or G) - maybe because it's not seen as a preference?
  • <P> a male friend of mine told me he was bisexual,but it was a secret and he did not tell anyone i kept it secret.he always had girlfriends but never a boyfriend.then he got i kept the secret and never told anyone and obviously did not tell his wife.i wondered if his wife knew or if he told her.or if it is acceptable to get married if you are bisexual and not tell your wife that you are bisexual.i would never mention this to my friend as he only told me once and never mentioned it again.his parents dont know he is bisexual.and i have no idea if he has had sex with a man.he just said never tell anyone that i am bisexual.i always suspected he was bisexual even though he always had plenty of girlfriends and i never saw him with a man.vetski comment made me think of this</P> <P>on a loosing wicket...digging a hole .... alll these comments ...i havent got a clue what people are on about </P>
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  • Sorry for the silence, I'm abroad until Wednesday. I'll message everyone directly then but the plan is dinner at mine. Joe and I will both cook but keep an eye out for more details in your inbox next week! And in keeping with the headline, if anyone else would like to join, please drop me a message. Cheers, Cristo
  • Bisexuals happily go to LGBT events if it looks like there'll be a good spread, because we're greedy.<br>
  • <P>@ADGS, fair enough, a good meal should never be turned down, but would a B in a hetero relationship tell their partner that they were going to an LGBT event? Being a B seems to be the last closet, so I'm curious (no, not bi-curious...!).</P>
  • Given how many men enjoy a spot of lipstick lesbianism, and the increasing prevalence of the reverse attitude from girls into a bit of boy/boy action, I can't see it being a problem. <br>
  • Response has been great and looks like it's going to be a great little dinner party! I have pencilled in Saturday, 25th Feb but some people can't make that day. Maybe everyone could email me some other dates that would also work for you and we'll go from there? Cheers - Cristo
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