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  • <P>Congratulations! And thanks for following up with the asparagus, and for being the only place locally which had russets this morning!</P> <P>Rhubarb fans might like to know that there are several rhubarb recipes in today's Daily Mail supplement - here's one: <A href=""></A>, and there are more links if you scroll to the bottom of the article.</P>
  • Hello! I haven't been on the sure for a while so haven't ben around to say Well Done! What a lovely greengrocers. I've been so happy coming in and finding such lovely things every week. And great to find you on here taking requests. I've had some chats about recipes when in the shop, when the staff were asking what I was going to do with a celeriac, and was thinking recipes for whatever is in season would be good, turkish or otherwise!
  • hi guys, ive been really busy lately. im still looking for the asparagus, i havnt seen any at the market. will keep looking though. thanks for the comments ;) ash
  • Any chance you might be able to get hold of some fresh lime leaves to add to your herb section? <br>
  • I bought some of your bread today to have with our soup, it was delicious!!
  • lime leaves ive tried but it doesnt sell.its not something tht people ask for everyday. fresh leaves go off quickly so i would be throwing most away. i might bring in a freezer for those things in the future. the bread is fresh it comes in the mornings at 8 and afternoons at 12. they are great for soups, supper and especially bbq's :)
  • Hi everyone, Hope everyone is well. We have some British asparagus in the shop now. I hvent been online for a while coz im waiting for virgin to come fix it :) Ash
  • Yippee!! Thanks @ashman, will be in next week!
  • Yes, i bought some of the asparagus on Sunday, and they were very good. I also picked up some loquats, which I don't think I've ever seen on sale. When I grew up in Johannesburg we had a great big dusty loquat tree in our garden, and I remember eating the fruit straight off the tree. <br>
  • Im glad you enjoyed the loquats,they have just arrived at the market. Not a lot of people know of them actually, people are always asking what they are. They are a japanese plum and are very tasty and different.
  • Do you still have asparagus? Is it English?<br>
  • There are loads of loquat trees around SG. They were brought across by Cypriots when Turkey invaded the north of island.  They  don't fruit here
  • Ive never noticed any here but im sure your right. They are very popular in turkey, we had hundreds of trees in the village. And yes we have english asparagus. Ash
  • Had my first loquat today - delicious! They taste a bit like a cross between persimmon, plum & apricot, but a bit more tart. I think loquat jam could be a winner... How much are they per lb, @ashman? OH couldn't remember!
  • :) Im glad you liked it. They are 5.99kg at the moment. They will be a lot cheaper when its summer time, they have only just arrived at the market. They will also get much tastier.
  • <font face="Arial, Verdana" size="2">Oh wow - just picked up 4 loquats (louqui as a collective noun?) and they are amazing. So tart and juicy. Back for more tomorrow!</font>
  • @tharobc, at least that's one recommendation of mine that's worked out!<br>
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  • @Misscara, you might need to plant your own tree! If medlar jelly would be a reasonable substitute flavour-wise, you can get it at the coffee/jam shop in Muswell Hill (I forget the name).
  • you mean loquats right? small yellow things like plums? we have them at the moment, they have only arrived recently.
  • I've seen medlars quite a bit over the years, can't remember where though.
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    Excuse my ignorance but I've come across a few recipes lately that have curry leaves in them.  I've used many spices in curries but never come across this before.  I should just substitute but I'm intrigued.  Curry leaves? Where in Stroud Green?<div><br></div>
  • I usually get my curry leaves from clockhouse store in Crouch End.<br>
  • i need some advice, i want to order some lime leaves and curry leaves. im not sure which ones i should order as they come fresh (which wont last very long in the shop-), in jars with water, and also dried? which one would be more suitable? i havent used them before so i have no idea. i was thinking dried or jarred obviously. any commnts appreciated.
  • <P>IMO: dried curry leaves are OK, but I've found that dried lime leaves don't seem to have much flavour impact. Would be interested to try both in water. </P>
  • i think ill try dried and jarred curry leaves. and just stick with the lime leaves in jar.
  • Lime leaves are fine frozen - you can buy them fresh and freeze them yourself and they work fine. Curry leaves only work fresh and are amazing. I would b v interested in buying both lime leaves ans curry leaves if you had them in fresh. Could you maybe get a small amount in and see what the response was?
  • thats the thing not lot of people ask for them so it will get wasted.i might need to bring a freezer in. ill keep looking or now.
  • I understand- but they both also last at least a week if kept in the fridge!
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