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    I just tried that. I don't understand. I'm going to bed instead. It's not a very good photo anyway.
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    [Read here Colette]( See Kermit at the bottom. Don't forget to select "Markdown" as the format just above the submit button.
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    However, anyone (like me, fr'instance) with previews turned on at won't see Kermit, just the placeholder.
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    We went there on Saturday night. Can't believe I've lived round here for so long, walked past so many times and not gone in. Most impressed. Quality food, leisurely (ahem) service - which we needed as the portions were SO BIG. And so fresh. Would totally recommend it. Especially if you can get a seat with your back to the window
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    Got the parents coming into town soon, they've asked me to take them to a fish restaurant. Shall I do Chez Liline? I've never been, figured this was as good a time as any to try it. Anyone been recently?
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    It's been busier the last few weekends than I remember seeing it previously. Not been for a while as Dotori seems to have become the default local. Maybe next time.
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    We love it.... was there last about a month ago.
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    A brilliant place for special occasions: give Thierry a call and he can arrange / recommend a tasting menu for you.

    One word of advice, if you are not too hot on sauces then you should ask on-the-side or without. For me, they really make the dishes, but my mum finds them a little overwhelming and so reverts to a plainer option.
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    I think this place in Camden is quite good from what I have heard Chez Liline is still very good as well
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    For the sicily people, the travel agent Addiopizzo Travel (means "goodbye protection money") is supposedly running anti-mafia tours, with suppliers who refuse to pay protection. See this [guardian article]( My guess is that the suppliers who are being leaned on pay the protection and sign up to the scheme anyway; how can the travel agent know? Signing up to the scheme and refusing to pay protection is asking for it really.
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    So took the parents last night. It was lovely. My lobster puff pastry and spinach starter was awesome. Petra's mussels yum and my curry spot on. Was pretty busy and a really nice relaxed vibe. And the parents even navigated the menu without trouble _(some feat let me stress)_. Can't believe its taken me so long to go there. I'll be going back.
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    Took the lady in for a meal last night. Splendid, splendid establishment. Fine service from the exceptionally friendly proprietor, who was happy to chat. Gorgeous starter of tuna goujons, followed by a Mauritian fish curry for me (rich, spicy, tender - perfect) and the Bouillabaise for the missus - more fish than you could shake a rod at. Decent house wine, flexible about opening a bottle without us finishing it if we went for something a bit more special... top marks on those fronts. Decor could be more interesting, but that's the only criticism I could give. A
  • yes, i agree. went also with a lady and had a great meal. very nice people too. there is a fish shop next door and i keep meaning to go there any buy some for cooking at home but never get round to it as the pub is so tempting, then on to the sugar lounge. anyway i very much recommend chez L. chang
  • I've had mixed experience with the fish shop next door.  A couple of things were great, but then some were very poor also.  I've ended up using the fish shop on Seven Sisters (near Hornsey Road, next to Michael's greengrocers).<br>
  • Thanks for the tip. But I still do like CL!
  • Got a table booked at Dotori tonight at 9:30. I spent a week in Seoul a few years back and went absolutely mad for the street food and incredible bibimbap with all ingredients brought raw to your table and cooked at your leisure and to your pleasure at the table.<br><br>Looking forward to reliving the magic tonight with my nearest and dearest!<br>
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    <p>We were at <strong><font color="#009900">Chez Liline </font></strong>in January and had a lovely meal.  </p><p>Mr Wisteria brought home take-away from <font color="#6600cc"><strong>Dotori </strong></font>last night as they were too busy to give us a table and that was good as well.  </p><p><strong><font color="#ff0000">Petek</font></strong>'s last weekend with friends - tried something different from my usual menu choice and enjoyed that as well (PS killer margaritas).  </p><p><br></p>
  • Chez L- wicked. Dotoi - good food but they over book and me and Joyce waited 40 mins for a table we had booked while they let non bookers sit down. Annoying. This was the night the dog ran off too so doubly rubbish. Chang
  • I rarely eat out, but on your recommendation, stroudgreendotorg,I tried Petek tonight,with a friend. We had meze,or whatever you call it. I haven't eaten Turkish for years, and have almost forgotten how to do it. We loved it, and the staff, and the reasonable price. It was a bit crowded and noisy towards the end, but this is Stroud Green, and, I gather, very a la mode, so I can't complain!
  • After over 10 years of walking past Chez Liline without ever setting foot inside, I went last night and had a fantastic meal. Delicious fish and shellfish soup with rouille and a Baramundi with tamarind and coconut. Loved it! Very good service and reasonably priced. Feel a fool for waiting so long, but I'll be making up for it by heading back soon and often. <br>We were the only ones there when we first arrived. A few more rolled in as the night went on. I do hope the business stays afloat. I agree with others on this thread that the exterior does it little favour. I also felt that the interior could do with a bit of a facelift as it's quite dated and uninspiring. I think a few meat and veggie options on the menu would help them out hugely. However, as we both love seafood, we plan on working our way through the menu. <br>
  • It is a great place. Actually that decor is AFTER the facelift . It was very odd before with plastic budgies etc. I often over look it but you've reminded us how good it is. Chang
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