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In Tollington Park. Any good? 40% off for a bit, I believe. Looked busy and welcoming yesterday evening.


  • <p>We were there on Saturday night, it's 40% off the bill until October 15th and we got a dessert and two teas on the house so they're definitely making an effort to impress. The pizza was fine but nothing special, I think next time I'd try one of their meat or fish dishes instead. </p><p>All very welcoming and friendly, the waiter made a couple of mistakes but excusable considering it was only the second night open. </p>
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    <P>I went on Sat night as well - pretty much the same as you Eliz, I wanted to go for one of the pasta dishes but my other half had his heart set on a pizza and they seem to only do 18" sharing ones so we went for that instead. It was fine, our waiter was enthusiastic and nice, forgot one or two things but no big deal, and we got free coffee/sambuca.</P> <P>I wish them all the best with it, but they do have some stiff competition with Porchetta and Pappagone just up the road...</P>
  • We went yesterday.  Excellent food, seriously delicious.  And I really liked the decor.  But the service was a bit of a shambles - they forgot my main course (which was subsequently free),we had to ask for things instead of them being offered (parmisan, chilli oil) and the waiter's English was so limited that he did not know what 'house white' meant.  That said, the manager was massively apologetic, and the whole meal only came to £12.60 with discounts.  We will definitely give them another try once they have had a chance to settle down.  The pizzas look massive and authentic (with an appealing roughly-thrown base).<br>
  • Went last night and my experience was fairly similar - except that in spite of having to remind them about our drinks, and then having to wait another hour or so for the pizzas (which still didn't come at the same time), we got no freebies, only effusive apologies. The pizzas are very good - quite possibly the best in the area - but they do need to sort out the service. Possibly should have gone for a soft launch and then brought in the discount?
  • You waited an hour? Clearly a walk over ...
  • How does the discount work? Didn't see any mention of it in the window? This is the place near Chaps and Dames yeah?
  • Yep. Discount is mentioned on a big sign outside, iirc, and when they total up the bill they take 40% off.<div><br></div><div>There was communication during the hour, once the manager realised something was amiss - it just seemed to consist of apologies and assurances that the pizzas would be along soon. Given we did have wine by this point, we weren't *too* discontented.</div>
  • Go to the chip shop next door. Ying would never leave you waiting for 10 mins let alone an hour for a pizza. difference between us Chinese and the Italians! Chang
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  • <P>We went to the new Italian on Friday. It was a little disorganised but the experience generally good considering it's only just got going and the place was full - we plumped for the pizza and had a side salad, both quite nice. Both came within less than 15 minutes so we had no qualms with it being slow. </P> <P>We used to go to the tollington chip shop occasionally before Chippy opened and on a number of occasions had to wait over 15 minutes. Less time than SeaFish on Upper St though, which we would not recommend - the last time we waited ages for them to go out back to fetch the haddock from the freezer and when we unwrapped it back at home it was off.</P>
  • We went today for lunch and although there were still a few small teething issues, overall we were happy. Food came promptly and was all very tasty - especially the fish stew. The pizza looked amazing. New waiter was being trained and seemed to be getting to grips with things quickly. The manager was extremely courteous and keen that things went well. I will definitely try again once the discount disappears, as if they resolve some of the service issues that others seem to have experienced I think the quality of the food means it will be good value. <br>
  • We got takeaway pizza from La Favourita today, their pizzas are massive 18"ers, with the discount (till the 15th) very good value, but flavourwise I only rate it as 'Ok'. No where near as tasty as pappagone / la Porchetta.
  • We got takeaway a few days ago. They are indeed massive pizzas, but i wasn't that impressed with the taste.<br>We chose one with 'wild mushrooms' which were infact just run of the mill button mushrooms. I might try them again sometime, see if they improve.<br>
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    Mmm pizza.
  • We got take-away from them this evening.  Really nice, and big enough for the 2 of us to share one.  Helped by the fact they're offering 30% discount.  The manager said when that ends (tomorrow) they'll probably offer 20% for a while.  We'll certainly be re-visiting.<br>
  • They are always empty, these days. How soon before they give up the ghost? I feel sorry for them.
  • La Porchetta looks pretty empty, pretty often, these days.  Pappagone is invariably rammed.
  • I've noticed that about La Porchetta too, shame as I actually think I prefer their pizza but the atmosphere in pappagone is better.
  • The fella and I had delivery from La Favorita last night and were impressed with the quality. We started with a rocket, fig and Gorgonzola salad, then shared lobster risotto and a chicken breat wrapped in Parma ham and some braised spinach. Super tasty and good value. Give it a try!
  • Same here, we had a meat fest pizza last night. Good pizza's,and fair value for money, however their introductory offers were particularly good value.<br>
  • Yes it is small enough to be very particular about the ingredients and you don't get all that so called Italian 'stuffa your face ' hype which PPpagone goes in for big time. Ok in a Two Ronnies sketch but can get a bit much along with the bum pinching and tray bashing Happy Birthday eruptions. Chang.
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    Went for lunch today. The pizzas are amazing! and possibly the biggest in London. The pizza guy does the traditional thing of spinning it over his head which was fun to watch. Super thin base, with a nice crust. They use semolina flour to keep the dough from sticking so you get those nice grainy bits on the outside too. My wife had some pasta which was freshly made and tasty too. It's put the cat amongst the pigeons now as to where our preferred place is now!<div><br></div><div>Had a chat with the owner at the end. They're doing ok, perhaps not so well for lunch, but good for dinner. He's happy with how its all going, so don't look out for boarded up shop fronts just yet! His theory (as he recognised the stiff competition before taking on the lease) was that SG was pretty good for eating out, and while there was competition, there was also lots of reasons for people to visit the area. If his food is good, he will do well, if his food is bad, he will not do well. I think he had a great attitude and believed in his restaurant. Give it a try, and let me know if you manage to eat a whole pizza on your own. I came up 2 slices short.</div>
  • I like that attitude, good luck to him. I will give them a try over my usual pappagone next time I am going for a pizza.<div><br></div>
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