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<a href=""></a><br><br>Fascinating. ; Green Lanes is obvious, and the Italian on upper Stroud Green Road perhaps unsurprising, but what's with the Portuguese at the Finsbury Park end?<br>


  • Isn't the bonkers church in the old Rainbow theatre Brazilian?
  • How can you work out which bit is which?
  • The key is in the bottom left.<br><br>Yes, the fraudulent evangelicals are Brazillian.<br>
  • The key is there but how did you zoom in close enough to make out SGR, let alone the different ends?
  • I’m not sure what you mean. Maybe I’m just nerdily familiar with the map of London.<br><br>The zoom feature is in the bottom right. Finsbury Park is the Finsbury Park-shaped black area where you would expect Finsbury Park to be. Green Lanes is the enormous blue stretch to the right of it (there is an even longer blue line showing the Kingsland/High Road to the right of that). Stroud Green Road is the multi-coloured short line to the left of Finsbury Park.<br><br>If it helps, the enormous black patch in the north west is Hampstead Heath. The similarly enormous black patch in the north east is the upper Lea Valley. Finsbury Park is the rather smaller triangle twixt the two.<br>
  • @Arkady And straight away I can see, thank you for the explanation! And yes, I think you probably are some kind of map nerd! And it's no bad thing.
  • <font face="Arial, Verdana" size="2">Am I the only one surprised by the prevalence of Spanish speakers all over the capital? I realise things are a bit shit in Spain right now but have they all descended on London?</font>
  • I suspect there are many, many more Latin Americans and Filipinos here than actual Spanish.  Same for the French speakers - while there are lots of French here it will mostly be French-speaking Africans, mostly.<br>
  • If you look closely at the map you can make out the reservoir, the Parkland Walk, and even the divisions between the terraces and the post-war estates (Chettle Court can be distinguished especially clearly) – the latter have less Twitter users and have a higher prevalence of foreign language speakers. Lower Stapleton Hall Road also seems to have many Italian speakers. Curious.
  • <P>I've noticed more than a few Italian-speakers on the W3 and wondered if there was a student house somwhere around SHR.</P>
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