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<P>We are looking to extend up into the loft. The only problem is we are in the top flat of an already split house (3 flats).  Has anyone in our conservation area(overlooking the parkland walk) in a similar position managed to do something like that and can recommend someone to take us through the process? </P>


  • Hi Hew<br><br>The following isn't 'formal advice' but a few relevant personal musings: There is an argument in favour of employing a professional architect.  Many of the specialist loft-conversion companies are rather hit-and-miss on the due diligence front - I speak from personal experience as well as from what I have seen via the CAAC.  I'm sure that there are exceptions to this though.<br><br>Conservation concerns include: Ensuring that any proposed mansard or balcony is not disproportionately large; that any replaced tiles are real and to match existing; that the number of skylights are not overdone and are positioned appropriately (e.g. with consideration for the symmetry of the existing building).  Any use of PVC will be opposed by the CAAC, even if your property has already been mutilated with them elsewhere.  Arguments along the lines of "two doors down they attached the corpse of Optimus Prime to the roof years ago so we should be allowed to do the same" may well be viewed dimly by the CAAC too.<br><br>Good luck!<br>
  • Thanks for your comments. I have to say I would actually be in total agreement with wooden windows and keeping everything to scale and in tune with the period details of the house. Never see the point of moving into a Victorian house then ripping out anything of interest. My biggest worry is spending a lot of money applying for something which they would turn down. That’s one of the reasons I had hoped someone had done a similar thing recently so I know it would be okay in theory. I would want to replace the heavy concrete roof tiles with slate, but understand you have to get planning permission for that as well!
  • Good to hear!<br><br>I don't think you will have problem aquiring permission for any 'restoration' work like restoring slate tiles.  Just make sure that your design and access statement makes due reference to any relevant Haringey policies and to the conservation area guidance and you should be fine.  LB Haringey are pretty lax, you have to do something stupendously inappropriate for them to turn it down, as evidenced by the steadily accumulating eyesores. <br>
  • You can have a chat with the planning officers for free before you apply. Just go there with your plans. Arcady is right, as long as you stick with the guidelines and keep in mind that you are in a conservation area, and try to improve by restoring period detail, the planners shouldn't have a problem I imagine. Ask them they are quite nice and helpful I have found.
  • And look on the planning website for recent applications near you - they have all the drawings etc which can be a great start to go from if you're doing something similar.
  • Just one more questions - would dearly love to put small unobtrusive deck over our second bedroom (at the moment it has a sloped roof.  I gather terraces generally get a tumb down - whats your experience?
  • Depends. If it leaves you overlooking your neighbours it could well be a problem. Replacing pitched roofs with flat ones is also discouraged. But a decent, sympathetic design may be OK.
  • They are not ok, believe me. One new one was put up in da summer wich over looks Joyce my landlady's bedroom and she got fed up with ppl BBQ on he deck and eyeing her she started to walk round starkers which frightened em off no now tho cos getting colder but do think of ur neighbours please. Chang
  • <P>totally agree with you Chang.  Was thinking of something enclosed like this so it couldnt be seen by anyone</P> <P><A title="Muswell Hill" href="" rel="shadowbox[location4];options={counterType:'skip',continuous:true,animSequence:'sync'}" shadowboxCacheKey="24"><IMG alt="Muswell Hill - Loft London" src="" width=150 height=100></A></P>
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