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Dear all,<br>I have been nominated as London Leader promoting the use of Coffee for your plants. It's a year long project promoting the re-use of your lovely coffee grounds for nurturing your plants. Be great if you could get behind it - I have mentors and in October / November we'll have a big campaign push with leaflets. <br>The simple philosophy is to ask for a cup of coffee grounds with your take away coffee and then you can either<br>a) Mix it straight into your top soil (mix it in don't just leave it on top)<br>b) Put it in your compost bin (might as well get a whole sackful makes amazingly rich compost has a great recipe).<br>c) Build walls around your plants to stop the slugs<br>d) Use it for for air freshner / exfoliator / playdough colourer<br><br>It's incredible what you can do with the brown stuff... but don't let it go in landfill. <br><br>More news in September for a meeting on how YOU can get involved.<br>


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    But Isn't there already a thread about this and details of a coffee grounds collection point at Vagabond?
  • Yes, from me, but I wanted people to know where to go for the information how to use the grounds in the title of the discussion - it's key to actually using them. Danus and Vagabonds is really behind it... it'd be great to get all of the coffee shops aware of it on and the map. One of the key parts of the projects is evaluating it's success which will be monitored by how many shops are on the map...<br><br>Gardener Joe - be great to have you on board. <br><br>Deborah<br><br>
  • Hi guys, Just a quick note to say that there's now a bin of used coffee grounds outside Vagabonds so go get them... It's great time of year to be using them - mix 40% crushed leaves 40% used grounds and 20% grass clippings or food waste - stir occasionally and by spring you'll have Nitrogen rich compost for planting.<br>
  • I'd also like to let you know that Groundtoground are hosting an evening of inspiration at Vagabonds on Wednesday November 28th. Barista Povilas Petrauskas will be talking coffee, Sailor and Scientist Dr Lucy Gilliam will be talking about her adventures trading in a Tall Ship and London Leader Deborah Rothenberg will be talking coffee scrub, fertilizer and compost. All the information is on the London Groundtoground Facebook Event Page Be great to see you there.<br>
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