• I was happy  with Hornsey Road Carpets (Hornsey Road corner of Fairbridge Road) - friendly service, not too ££, they measured and then  turned up when they said they would for the job and did it well.<div>Had 3 rooms done.  Cannot comment/advise on the second point, as I genuinely don't know about it.</div>
  • Hornsey Road Carpets have fitted carpet for me on two occasions. Both times were a good fitting and at a very cheap price.  This included a no-hassle estimate.  I've heard of other companies that do the hard sell on underlay etc.  when you go back to choose the carpet.<div><br></div><div>The process is you turn up at their shop, book a time for a fitting, the person turns up and measures the room or rooms you want done and leaves within a few minutes.  You go back to the shop choose your carpet or flooring and a price is arranged.  The fitters turn up.  You pay them after the work is done. </div>
  • Another vote for Hornsey Road. They've done a couple of rooms for us - including one at 2 days' notice! - well, with decent prices & quality 80/20 carpets. Need to do my stairs/landing at some point, and will be going there.
  • @vetski<;div><br></div><div>Yes, I am in the same boat and need to do the stairs and landing at some point...definitely going back there!</div>
  • Boring that all these recommendations are the same, but Hornsey Road carpets did my whole hall and I would highly recommend them.
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    Hornsey Carpets have done loads of work in my house but I'm going for three quotes this time as its over £1000. I have another number if you are interested.
  • Try Battens in Holloway Road. Very good service from someone who is the spit of Bikl Nighy. Good prices and Joe Meek used to go there. Chang
  • M & L Carpets in Crouch End have fitted several carpets for me, including stairs and I was happy with their service. The price they quote includes quality underlay and fitting.
  • Never had carpets fitted but can recommend the service from Hornsey Road. I needed long cardboard rolls from inside carpets to make palm trees and not only did they give me them free, but the chaps dropped them off for nowt on their way home too!
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