Yellow Face - Bank Holiday Offer

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Dear Stroudgreeners (not sure what the final decision on the group name was all that time ago),<br><br>I'm producing Yellow Face at the Park Theatre and we have a special offer this bank holiday weekend.  <br><br>Buy one seat get one free for all performances this weekend (Saturday at 7.45pm and Saturday and Sunday at 3.15pm).<br><br>Book your tickets at <a href=""></a> and, at the very end, put in the code BANKHOL13.<br><br>And to tempt you further, here's our 4 Star Time Out review: <a href="" target="_blank"><wbr>london/theatre/yellow-face</a><br><br>Best,<br><br>Lucyx<br>;


  • Saw it last night (and I think I petted your dog). A strong production with a solid cast. We very much enjoyed it. I've already recommended it to a couple of people.<br>
  • Well done Lucy, good review in The Standard too! Are you Lucy from the olden days of
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    Just leaving - very good play about cultural id in paranoid melting pot of America. interesting if u are part Asian somewhere back in the cupboard!!! well acted specially 2 leads and david Yip. Funny too. Worth checking out. Also saw the Theatre Dog and it was funny to sit behind the poker face Unite twins . Shows Jez is gettin em in from Stokey. Chang
  • @ Miss Annie, Yup, I'm the Lucy from the olden days of!  Although, I'm a just up the hill now, rather than SG.<div><br></div><div>Thank you for the support!  We got a 4 star review in the Independent as well, which we're very pleased about.</div><div><br></div><div>@rainbow_carnage.  You probably did pet Plum, he's been hanging out at the theatre, trying to hide from Hazel the Park Theatre dog.</div>
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    Jonty n me r intrigued by all these theatre dogs . Nice to have, but are they as useful (mouse-wise) as cats? Just saying... There used to be a parrot in a pub in Cardiff when I was in vet school, which was quite instructive. Maybe Jez should get a theatre budgie 2? For his panto, I mean. Eg Captain Hook was it? Chang
  • Went to see Yellow Face yesterday. Really excellent. Don't be deceived into thinking that because of being in the smaller space it's any less substantial. I thought it was some way a fuller and better experience than These Shining Lives (which I still enjoyed). Would thoroughly recommend Yellow Face before it runs out.
  • Thanks @ShaunG! <div><br></div><div>If you N4ers go tomorrow then it's the concessionary rate too.  <div><br></div><div>Also, I'll be there, with Plum, so would be nice to see some of you in the bar afterwards.  </div><div><br></div><div>@ChangN4N6, my folks are visiting at the weekend so maybe I'll get them to bring their parrot - not sure how effective it would be against mice though!</div></div>
  • Damn, missed this :( guess the offer's finished!
  • Go and see it anway Bigjock.  It's less than twenty quid for a full price ticket anyway.  We wemt Saturday and it was brilliant.  We are so lucky to have the Park Theatre - we should make sure we use it!
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