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  • Usually the other bus drivers on the route will get a message from the controller that another bus has terminated short and so you'll just get waved on if you say what happened. Or if you want to be safe you can ask for a transfer ticket. If I could have one wish for the local buses it would be that they extend the 153 up to Haringay station along Fonthill Road and Oakfield Road. Might free up a bit of space in Finsbury Park station place bus station too...
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  • Doesn't the 29 serve Haringey ladder? Stops at the bottom of SGR.
  • Thats the kind of thing they may have to do if Islington gets it's way with their proposals to remove the bus station from outside Finsbury Park station. No doubt residents would complain about extra buses (always do) but the bigger problem there would be where to termintate and 'stand' the buses before their onward journey. You'd need space for two buses and ideally facilities for the driver to have a comfort break etc.<br>
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    Ooops, posted twice.
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    There are usually at least four buses, 106, 236, 153, 19, in various combinations standing at the bus station, plus the taxi rank and maintenance/emergency vehicles. I can't imagine how they'd find space for that anywhere else. It's a ridiculous notion. I had occasion to go up to the station controller's office yesterday, quite a pleasant view of the treetops in the park from up there.
  • I agree - Islingtons suggestion was to terminate them along Seven Sisters Road which is crazy.<br>
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    I hope for the reinstatement of the 'hail and ride' stops on TFL's 'Countdown' system.  <br><br>Having to guess when a W5 might go up Oakfield Road based on when it might have left Harringay Sainsburys is a royal ball ache, especially on a Sunday when a 'maybe we will run and maybe we won't run' service seems to prevail.   Some of the stops on the route used to be on there, but were removed about 3 years ago.  Now it's Harringay Sainsburys, next stop Harringay Station, then the Broadway.  Why not just put actual bus stops in?  Is it because some residents on the route in near-central London want to pretend they live in the sticks?<br><br>Replacing the 'Countdown' information with a TFL numpty on Twitter who doesn't know any more about the service than a passenger waiting in the rain is not a like-for-like swap.  And being told by said twitterer that the W7 is disrupted because there's a game on at the Emirates is a piss-take.<br><br><br>
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  • Apparently London's population is increasing by two double bus loads of people a day. It is equivalent to a tube train a week !
  • Annie how did you get into the controllers office? Were you invited or can anyone go? The 153 diversion sounds like an interesting plan. Fonthill road has high population from the Andover and has plenty of elderly people living there who would find it very useful
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    I  get picked up and dropped off no prob by  the W5  at the junction of SHR and Oakfield, wish it went to Tottenham Hale.
  • The W5 is 'hail and ride' for part of its route, so you should be able just to flag it down and hop on.  Never actually done this, mind...<div><br></div><div>As for the 29, it would surely be a strong contender for Worst Possible London Transport Experience (Northern Area) - although it has got a little better since it ceased to be a bendy bus route and passengers became obliged to pay for their journeys.</div>
  • The 29 is truly hair raising at night. Worst bus passengers in London by a country mile. And it smells bad all the time. @Sutent, I went to the controllers office to sort out a little problem with my Oyster card which couldn't be fixed at the ticket office. I've also been to the one in Piccadilly Circus - on the day when everything outside London ground to a halt because of the Great Storm just before Christmas. It was fascinating watching them plan how to keep trains moving when half the staff couldn't get to work. They were extremely kind to me after an unpleasant experience in the station, made me a cuppa and I had a Jaffa cake!
  • Someone said Reg Varney was a role model for bus service. Chang
  • I am in San Francisco. They still have trams here. They are just beautiful
  • My favourite city in all the world, been many times. Cable cars, trolleys and trams! Go to the cable car museum up by Grace Cathedral, I guarantee you'll love it @Sutent Give the Pier 39 sealions a wave from me, I'm very jealous.
  • Ooh @Sutent, am equally as jealous as Miss A! If you fancy some excellent modern Mexican, go to Mamacita's in the Marina. But don't tell me about it as I'm likely to explode with envy (haven't been there in 14 months & counting).
  • I will do Annie/vetski. I thought nothing could beat Berlin/london but this place is quite spectacular. Golden gate park is pretty special
  • Student there are Trams in South London
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    Original Routemasters running the 38 route today!
  • Green routemasters were going along Seven Sisters road!<br><br>SF is fantastic.<br>
  • Original Routemasters out on the 29 route today! It's so good to see them in our neck of the woods.
  • Looking forward to this! Diamond Jubilee of the Routemaster celebration in Finsbury Park
  • Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!<div><br></div><div><br></div><div>So so exciting. Note made in diary and invite sent to friends. The best thing this summer. </div>
  • Last time they had this in FP, they had the Knight Bus from the Harry Potter movies! And I rode on an original RM the other day, which was great fun.
  • I might organise a routemaster party. Maybe get them to dress up in their favourite route. It might be challenging<div><br></div>
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    Anyone else noticed the lovely new 'Year of the Bus' roundels on the top of bus stop posts? There is one atop the eastbound 19 stop at Piccadilly Circus, it's the first I've seen - very smart!
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