• Good to know. Last time, I was referred to the teaching hospital and that moron of a student suggested to just take the whole tooth out (wisdom tooth), which is perfectly healthy, apart from the tiny filling. (Which had fallen out, hence my visit to the dentist.)<br>I ended up going back to my dentist, because there was a massive wait for sedation and I didn't want to have a tooth with a missing filling for months. At that point I just admitted defeat, so I instructed to inject as much as she could -- until I squinted -- and get it done and over with. Cried my little eyes out, but didn't feel a thing. <br>
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    Update re Mr Shah's successor, from a friend. I'm afraid I don't know her name, but until recently there was another dentist there as well, also female. A lot of problems apparently arose, and so she has left. My friend is having complicated treatment from the remaining one, and speaks highly of her. He was keen for me to update here, and doesn't want her reputation to suffer.
  • Can back this up - I went there a couple of weeks ago for the first time in a while, as I didn't like the dentist who replaced Mr Shah. The dentist there now is very good, would definitely recommend her.
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