Double Glazed Sash Windows

Does anyone have any recommendations for new double glazed sash windows? Thank you


  • Whoever you choose, get proof of 10 year warranty. When the sashes snap or you get condensation between the panes, they are expensive to replace
  • Stroud Green Windows / Bekim Ltd on Stroud Green Road. They did mine and my downstairs neighbours windows really well for a very reasonable price.
  • Bekim Ltd did mine as well, very good job and I'd recommend them on price and quality
  • Does anyone have any non Stroud Green Windows suggestions? They didn't do a great job last time I used them. Thank you.
  • Friend of mine used Barnet Windows, Bulware Road New Barnet. I thought thgthgey dixd a great jib. You can see if gaze up at thgthge top flat at 66 Victoria Rd
  • I also used Barnet windows who were brilliant - several neighbours used since and also had a great experience
  • Henry & Sons Ltd (Brent) did our windows last year (and neighbours) - hardwood sash windows upstairs and down. Very efficient and friendly service. A year later, they're still looking good. Very pleased.
  • B Murphy (Muswell Hill) did such a great job on ours. Really recommend them
  • My experience of Stroud Green Windows hasn't been great either. Have any of you been told you need to re-do the box and sill below the windows and box around the windows? A lot of the houses in the area are a little wonky but I just wondered how you'd got round this?
  • Can anyone share the size (ish - doesnt need in precise mm!) & prices for the windows you've installed? I'd love new doubleglazed windows but am terrified of even getting a quote as the cost may be just too insane... cheers
  • Replacing the the cill and bottom of the box seems like a fairly common repair - no doubt because this is where water collects. Mine have all had this done to them at some time. I suspect the sashes themselves might well have been replaced several times in the life-time of the box.
  • ~£700-£800 per window for the sizes you typically find in a Victorian house. You'll then need to paint them. This will add another ~£200 to the cost of each.

    SG Windows did ours about 10 years ago. They still look good. I might repaint them next year.
  • I think ours were around £1.2k per window (incl painting) - about 1m across and 2m high. Can't put a value on how much warmer we are now.
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