Anyone want to borrow my dog for walks?

We've got a very well-behaved, good-tempered cocker spaniel called Holly. She's great off the lead and always comes when she's called so she's easy and fun to walk. She really enjoys haring about in the park, will sometimes fetch balls but not 100% consistently, and will keep an eye on where her humans are and heel if you ask her to. She's very good with children and people, and is always friendly with other dogs but is submissive so tends not to play too much with them. My partner and I always try to walk her off the lead for an hour every day, but I'm currently pregnant and feeling less mobile than normal. I just wondered if anyone would like a bit of dog fun in their lives and could potentially help out with a walk here or there? We live on Regina Road. We are very open to repaying the favour with evening dog-sitting or baby-sitting, or whatever is most useful. Thanks and happy new year all!


  • Hello there, I recommend Borrow my Doggy, if you didn't know about it. I'd love to walk Holly (dog fun is always welcome with me) but during the week I could only do it late in the evening, not ideal for me. If that can help, I'll be happy to take her for a walk in the park sat or sunday mornings? Feel free to pm me to arrange it. Happy new year to you too
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    If you’re really stuck, I can ask my dog if she would like to play with your dog some day as I generally do a dog walk most days. But we are very haphazard about time and destinations of dog walking (and often end up in the pub.) Not very into doggie networking but you never know when a bit of help on an I’ll-scratch-your-dog's-back-if-you’ll-scratch-mine basis might come in useful......
  • Many thanks to you both! I'll pm you now, much appreciated.
  • @jacula, I've alerted a couple of local dog-loving friends to your post, and they seem very interested! Could you PM me your number/e-mail so I can pass it on to them?
  • Hi, I would be interested. I would love to have a dog but work full-time so wouldn't have time. I am currently on maternity leave until the end of March. I live in Florence Road and have a 12 week old and a toddler (who has child care on week days from 9am-5pm). Please could you send me a PM so that I can contact you.
  • Hi! I may be too late for this, but I'd be more than happy to help out with your pooch! Pop me a message if you still need someone :)
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