Drivers barging through one-way system under bridge



  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    ......oh dear.....I've been talking about the Thai massage place opposite Cats......I ain't been to one opposite Sainsburys in fact I didn't notice one there........wrong Thai massage place.
  • I think people got mixed up a little, as there are 2 Thai massages there.
    I go regularly to the Thai place called Benjawan (opposite Cats), which is awesome and nothing but professional. So don't mix it up with the dodgy one opposite Sainsbury's (I think it's called Panda spa or something like that...). They do t even have any price info on a display, so I also thought it didn't look decent. I'd rather wish for some cool restaurant in that spot. :(
  • I got the wink and wave treatment on Saturday evening. I immediately thought SGR was Ko San Road no
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Very interesting.......with a new Thai cafe opposite all we need now is a Tuk Tuk service for local journeys. (That's not a bad idea).
  • Crouch Hill would be a challenge for them, Muswell Hill even more so.
  • Definitely confused now. Some are saying Benjawan is definitely legit, others that it's a nefarious establishment... but are the latter actually talking about Bamboo Spa further up SGR opposite Sainsburys?
  • MimsyMimsy Stroud Green
    Yes Bamboo Spa... the service is in the name, I guess...
  • I got the wink while I passed the bamboo
  • Benjawan is definitely legit. I've only been once but it was a good, proper massage. No funny business!
  • A coup for the anti-gentrification of Stroud Green, I'd say.
  • Back to the rather more boring matter at the head of this thread (ahem)....I've had a note back from Haringey confirming they will look into my complaint about drivers piling through the no entry sign. I've made zero progress on working out who to complain to at Islington - anyone else had any joy?
  • MimsyMimsy Stroud Green
    @krappyrubsnif well, there you certainly have a point..
  • @helen Could you share details of the person you’ve been in contact with in Haringey, so that others (including myself) could write to them too? (If you feel necessary, pm me.) Thanks. I think Hackney could also be involved.
  • _Bee_Bee Stroud Green Road
    I'd appreciate that as well, Helen. Saw 3 go through on my way to the station this morning.
  • I saw three go through in the 90 seconds it took me to walk up from the station this afternoon. Whoever runs the camera could be raking in the dough if they could be bothered. So who runs the camera?
  • Islington are responsible for that section of road, based on the road traffic order, which also handily includes a contact name, all in the public domain here :

    I'm pretty sure that particular cctv camera is there for street crime purposes so can't legally be used to prosecute drivers (as opposed to the ones on seven sisters road which were specifically there to enforce bus lane restrictions). Not absolutely sure though.

    As a first step, enforcing the existing parking restrictions would help to send a message of enforcement in the area, plus a sign which sets out the penalty for going through the no entry sign. It does make people think twice...
  • @krappyrubsnif @_Bee i initially used an online form to report "parking and moving traffic offences" - and what i've had the acknowledgement from (although no email reply capability). The name on the email is Mick Green, Service Officer and tel: 020984891335 if you want to add weight to my initial complaint. However if its all Islington based enforcement we'll have to try them and i can find nothing on their new website that even directs me towards who where to call...and as i'm a Haringey and not Islington resident it makes it all the harder. I'll have another look through it all today when i get a chance
  • I rarely use the station, so have been guilty of doubting the frequency of this raised here. However, last night walking back from the station, I did see a car do exactly this thing. Was an S-Max and looked suspiciously like a minicab. I think they know there is no camera and so are just ignoring the signs. Interestingly further up the road outside the cab office there was an Audi parked in the yellow box junction with the guys stood outside leaning on it talking - and a police car on the other side of the road with two coppers completely ignoring them. On the other hand whatever you do don;t make the perfectly safe right turn out of the top of Evershot thinking the camera car isn't there - there is now a fixed camera on Hanley Road that is raking it in, I imagine.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Thanks for pointing out the Hanley Road camera. I've been ignoring that no right turn for years but haven't been that way recently. I shall now turn left and do a rather antisocial 3 point turn blocking the traffic. I won't be going under the bridge the wrong way though in case I get attacked by an angry stroud green forum member.
  • Going under the bridge down a closed road the wrong way is madness I agree. The Evershot and Regina Road right turns limit should probably be something that only operates in rush hour. Other than that it's a perfectly safe right turn.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Most people who abide by the no right turn do a 3 point turn a few yards down the road which is more dangerous.
  • Or cause unnecessary car traffic on Alimington Street, i would bet that there are more accidents caused by frustrated drivers zooming down side streets such as that then anything else. You would have thought that the police would simply nick people for dangerous driving when they go under the bridge the wrong way.
  • The car I saw do it, must have literally just driven past said police car that was ignoring the yellow box junction parking. I didn't check if they were eating doughnuts
  • At risk of a beating from the rattle there must be some case law about it somewhere, why else would Islington not enforce it for some lovely money.

    Although the fuzz could definitely nick you if they wanted to... actually i saw a women completely abusing 2 coppers on Hornsey Road the other day, god knows why they didn't do anything, she was calling them everything from pigs to see you next Tuesdays.
  • I spoke to police (101) who politely explained it is 'not their job' to enforce these kind of traffic regulations.

    They would only become involved if they were called to an 'incident'.

    They referred me to whoever has ordered the road closure and put the one way system in place, but they could not tell me if it is Haringey, Hackney, Islington, or indeed TFL or Network Rail.

    Kafka would have been in his element.
  • Just dropped an email to Islington Gazette, though I doubt if they’ll be bothered! Local journalism is a travesty these days.
  • MimsyMimsy Stroud Green
    @krappyrubsnif "Kafka would have been in his element." indeed... the Council's job, remember, is to protect their pensions... that's it.
  • Kafkaesque indeed... Got this today from Haringey...really really unhelpful as that is the general Islington phone number... Dear Mrs Clements, Thank you for your email regarding road safety. Haringey regards road safety, particularly pedestrian safety, as a high priority and actively promotes road safety measures across the borough to reduce vehicle speeds, the number of road traffic accidents and to enhance the environment for all road users. Unfortunately the section of Stroud Green Road that you are referring to, is under the jurisdiction of Islington Council and therefore we are unable to take any action. For your information you can contact Islington Council direct on 020 7527 2000 or email Your sincerely, Michael Demosthenous Project Engineer Haringey Council Alexandra House, 5th Floor, 10 Station Road, London N22 7TR T. 020 8489 1694 E.
  • There is going to be a story in the Islington Gazette this week. Don't know who they spoke to (not me) or what it will say.

    There seem to be fewer cars trying this stunt. Maybe because someone has put a second and more prominent no entry sign on the right hand pavement.... I think that's new? And I also noticed a small camera sign on the approach which I hadn't seen before, but may have overlooked. Could be wrong about that, it's very small and some way back.
  • I had a very long running campaign a couple of years ago to make sure the gate on Moray Rd/Birnam Rd was kept locked. It's one of those to stop the roads being used as a rat run and only accessible for emergency services. These were the Islington council contacts. I'm sure they'll be delighted to hear about the traffic issue here. It's James Guckian who mostly deals with roads.;; Mick.O';;;
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